Have you ever experienced your car’s headlights blink when driving? This issue can be unappealing and dangerous which needs an urgent solution as it may be adverse for you when driving at dusk.


You might want to know the best solution for headlights flickering. Well, before we dig into that, it is advisable to first identify its causes before finding the solution so kindly read more below to digest the following information.



There are various reasons responsible for headlights flickering. Normally, this can happen due to electrical system failures.


Sometimes, we can identify the cause due to the rate at which headlights flicker. For instance, do the headlights blink at regular intervals or do they flicker randomly? The latter is usually caused by a loose connector, while the former suggests a wiring problem.


When driving, the headlights flickering will occur so don’t expect it to go on and off when the car is parked or otherwise turned off.


However, the following are common issues that are responsible for headlights flickering:


Faulty Bulbs/Lamps

There is a life cycle for headlight bulbs just as it is for household bulbs. When the bulbs have come of age, they may not be very active again. If the headlights are physically damaged, it can also result in flickering. So, it’s advisable to remove the bulbs and examine them for problems.



Weak Battery

The headlights are powered by the car battery and it may not receive the proper amount of energy to function effectively if the battery has reached the end of its life cycle. Headlights flickering can also be caused by other battery problems. Therefore, try to inspect the car battery if you discover headlights flickering.


Failing Alternators

There are voltage regulators inside every car alternators to ensure electrical current outputs are consistent. However, the life span of this voltage regulator isn’t immortal. Failing is step-by-step, and when the process is initiated, the headlights may receive inconsistent electrical signals. Flickering is the result when this happens.


Loose Connectors or Fuses

Flickering is inevitable if the headlights bulbs are improperly connected to the wiring system. This can easily be spotted if the flickering is abnormal. For instance, do the headlights go on and off when driving on a rough road that might shake the car? If that’s the case, then loose connectors or even fuses might be responsible.


Overstressed Wiring

Inaccurately placed wires or too much stress on wires that connect the headlights can also result in flickering. Heating from the engines, excess current, or kinks can result in stressed wires. Incoming voltage issues for headlight bulbs are caused by bad wiring. In situations whereby they don’t flicker, they might stop being active.


Failed Communication

Headlight flickering can occurs when there’s faulty communication between the car’s internal system and the headlights. If your car has accessories like a massive stereo system, tire pressure monitoring systems, etc., that attract a large amount of power, important components, like headlights may not get enough.