How To Write Words That Will Force Prospects To Buy Whatever You’re Selling... Even If You Don't Know A Thing About Sales

From: The Desk Of Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

I had always doubt my ability to talk to people let alone make sales.


I had always been a chronic stutterer…


I thought life wasn’t fair. In fact, I had wished I were dumb so people could understand and not force me to talk.


That was how tough life was to me.


But… deep down within me. I knew my life is worth more than that.


I wanted more out of life, but don’t really know how to do that.


So I decided to start from somewhere… I got myself a mentor, started reading books and building my self-confidence.


Weeks and months kept rolling by, I no longer had fear of public speaking.


I overcame stuttering…


but I was still broke


I started acquiring skills…. And yes, I was making some cash, but it was not really high as expected.


And then, I started business…


I had the fears of several business people today, which includes getting sales, making more money, building the business, scaling…


And… I joggled several businesses… failed in some, and the businesses weren’t as promising and motivating.


One day in frustration, I stumbled on a post on youtube by an internet celebrity – Dan Lok, who was talking about high income skills.


I got really interested. I watched closely, got my pen ready…


And scribbled some words such as… Public Speaking, Digital Marketing, Copywriting, High Ticket Closing…

The one that got my attention the most was…


Copywriting. I was interested in knowing about it.


So I started binge reading any book I could come across with, bought some courses and books, listened to tapes….


Studied over 30 copywriting books, sucked from the copy-legends (Gary Halbert, Gary Bencivenga, John Carlton… ), practiced like my life depended on it…


Then, I wrote my first copy…


And whoop! I closed a deal.


Under a month, I closed 3 cool deals…


One of the deals gave me an opportunity to earn over #150,000 from just a single (1000 word) copy.


And months’ down the line, I have got the attention of several leading experts in Nigeria including Steve Harris (The Ruthless Exectioner), Bankole Williams (One of Africa’s leading Human Resource Expert), Paul Foh (Nigerian Number #1 Sales Coach), George Essien (One Of Nigerian Leading Peak Performing Expert) and many others.


And have since train over 5019 entrepreneurs, network marketers, business owners… from over 47 countries, including USA, Dubai, Kenya, South Africa, India, Cameroon, Uganda…


You see, there is something interesting about copywriting…


You become a BUSINESS to businesses


Whether you own a business or not… Here’s why:


Virtually every business today needs the expertise of copywriters (the people who have the ability to write words that will force people to buy whatever you’re selling)


Right from radio jingles, to TV commercials, to Dropshipping, to Real Estate, to Forex, to Insurance, to almost everything you can think of today; Copywriters are arguably the highest paid in every organization today.

You know why?


The world is going digital now… About 5 billion people are on the internet as I write you this letter.


That environment makes it somewhat difficult to shout to catch the attention of your prospects.


You see, hashtags are not even enough these days. Hashtags are good. But if you look at it this way, you will realize that with just one hashtag your prospect can access several of your competitors without even you knowing.


What are your chances then?


Instead of using the usual post several droppshipper use on their social media pages, you write the words that trigger prospects and force them to buy from you even after spying your competitors.


And that is what I have been doing for years now.


I am ready to teach you, like the over 5019 entrepreneurs, will you let me?



I have exposed my deepest secrets on copywriting, many expert copywriters don’t want you to know in my high-demand book called – The Faceless Selling: The Untapped Power To Selling Anything Without Opening Your Mouth Or Showing Your Face.


You see, learning this skill will help you anytime in your business.

Let me show you what some people think of this book….

Here Is What you’ll Learn In This Book

  • Why You Can Close Your Mouth And Make Sales Like Crazy

  • Why Selling To Anybody Is A Waste Of Time And Resource

  • Tested Model To Help You Get The Right Prospects And Stop Dealing With Suspects. (This Works Like Crazy! You’ll Discover What Most Companies Don’t Know Till Date)

  • The Dark Mistakes Made By Amateur Business People On Catching The Attention Of A Distracted Prospect

  • Discover The Tinger-Lingering Words That Cause Any Prospect To Buy More From You Over And Over Again

  • How To Be A Master Rapport Builder Like A PRO Relationship Expert Even If You Hate Talking To Strangers

  • The Lies People Told You About How To Tell Stories And How To Avoid Making That Costly Mistake

  • The Simple Technique To Make Any Stories Irresistible To Your Prospect

  • How To Never Write A Boring Opening Sentence In a Sales Copy (The Mistakes Some Expert Even Make Today)

  • Leaked! 11 Simple Ways To Tie Your Prospects To Your Copy Through A Simple Opening

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  • The Easiest And Fastest Way To Writing Bullets That Hook Prospects (This One Secret Alone Will Make You Mad Money Even If You’re New to Copywriting)

  • How To Close Any Deal Faster With These Secrets… Even Without Showing Your Face Or Opening Your Mouth

  • The Close That Even Closers Can’t Resist

  • The 3 Winning Copywriting Formulas That Beat Brain-Block And Make You Write Any Copy Almost Instantly

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  • The Finally Revealed Legal Hack On How To Enter Your Prospects Head That They Can’t Do Anything With Your Competitors, But You

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  • The Discovered Truth On Where To Find All The Questions Your Prospects Are Asking Now And How To Answer Them

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  • And Many More

 Now, before I revealed the price to you (I know you are already asking), I want you to be sincere on this…

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I guess you said as much as 6 figures. To many entrepreneurs, when I asked them, they replied with #150,000.

Let’s face it: even at #150,000, if this book can give you recurring 6-7 figures, is it worth it?


I bet you said, much more!


You see, you’re not wrong. You’re correct.


And… Guess what?


I am not charging even 10% of that amount to let this book out to the masses. I want every entrepreneur to step up their game and learn the crazy secret on how to rake in cool sales without stress, so I decided to price it at…


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I will…


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Imagine how you’ll start commanding sales from every business you’re into or in other people’s businesses. Can you picture you getting an edge in business because you now know how to write words that will force prospects to buy whatever you are selling?


Look at this in this way:


You get started in this skill, become very good at it under months (according to an expert under 7days you should be good)… get clients that paid you in 6-7 figures, write words that push your business to the next level….


You now have more time for your family, go into any business without fear of failing, go on resort with family and friends and receive cool alerts without stress.


Now, picture this…


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Will you let that to happen to you?


I bet you won’t for anything!


So… What do you think?


Make excuse or make money?


Your choice


Ortega Ogomigo


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