The Copywriting Winning Formula Secrets You’re Not Suppose To Know That Could Bring You 6-7 Figures From A Single Sales Letter Even If You’re Just Starting Out

From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

To: Every Entrepreneur, Aspiring Copywriter Or Copywriter
Wait a minute…
I know you’re ready to get the formula secrets and probably ready to apply them to make 6-7 figures from a single letter. 
But first, let me give you this disclaimer….
This formula secrets don’t work in any strict time.
It works all the time. (Is that really a disclaimer?)
But hey, you must be ready to apply them.
Okay, when you heard the word “formulas” I know you’re thinking of an almighty formula like the complex one you were shown in Mathematics.
Heck no!
As much as I don’t really hate mathematics, I had a tough time putting that formula in my head. You miss a piece of that formula, and you blow up your answer!
Well… Probably you were a big fan of Mathematics. But not me,

I Had To Struggle My Way Through.


That’s by the way. I don’t know, but if you’re like me, you’d like a straight to the point, easy to remember and very potent formula that can help you. And yes…You got it. That’s exactly what I am about to show you.
A simple, easy to remember formula, that can pull you 6-7 figures from a single sales letter. 
Stay with me. I will show you shortly.
But by the way, how can a single letter pay you 6-7 figures? I will tell you. (Note… This is aside royalties in sales.)
One, when you have a hungry market it becomes easier.
Two, when you’ve got the right product or service.
Three, when you’ve got a really irresistible offer
Four, when you could estimate the result of your offer
You’ve probably seen those assholes that call themselves copywriters and take #5,000 to write a sales copy. 
No offense, but those scum charge so low because they don’t know the worth of Copywriting. 

In my opinion, they are some broke ass with no good Copywriting skill. 

They take on every Copywriting project without research. They feel copywriting is just writing. They just want to make money like some hungry guys down the streets.
I don’t hate them, but I feel extreme pity for them. 
What I am about to show you will help you even if you’re just starting out… with no testimonial… with no registration on any freelance websites (Fiverr or Upwork)
You see, it was this formula that made a client close to #2.7 million within 2 days in this corona period.
Hang on… 
Will tell you the secret winning formulas that can help you write winning copies at almost every time and make a minimum of 6-7 figures per sales copy even if you’re just starting  out. Ready? Now write… 
FORMULA #1: A.I.D.A This is probably familiar to you. It means…
Attention. Interests. Desire. Action.
Headline. Opening. Bullets. Bonuses. Offer
FORMULA #3: 4P’s
Promise. Picture. Proof. Push. 
Yeah. That’s it. You can go to write your sales copy and shoot 6-7 figures. 
Doesn’t sound so easy, right? I know. 
In that case, I bet you’d be interested in not just knowing about these formulas but learning about the real deal in Copywriting. 
You see, the truth about getting big gigs in this 2.3 trillion dollar industry is…
Not about your certificate…
Not about your degrees…
Not about your professional English or grammar skills. And in my opinion, you don’t even need an A to be a good copywriter that converts results. All you need is to learn primary 5 conversational English.
Not your years of experience in business,,,,
Your Desires And Willingness To Learn And Act
Have you observed that recently, unlike before, Copywriting is in great demand today, especially in a time such as this…
Businesses are looking for better ways to communicate to their prospects, remove their objections, make them feel safe and of course make more buy whatever they are selling…
Look at what celebrated internet marketer, Dan Lok, agrees on as the Topmost High Income Skills
You see, unlike so many skillsets, Copywriting doesn’t require those difficult-to-learn coding languages, or being a tech savvy or being a toastmaster… 
In fact, even if you’re shy and you hate talking to people, you can become a pro-copywriter that makes 6-7 figures per copy. 
That’s something amazing about copywriting I like. 
I remember getting several clients without even opening my mouth or showing my face…. or letting them hear my voice.
Now, here’s something important I don’t want you to miss.
I learnt about this from Tony Robbins…
“If you want to double your speed of progress, see what others are doing to get their results and do the same thing”
This means if you want to make 6-7 figures per copy, then see what others who are making it are doing and do the same thing. 
That was exactly what I told Mr Ebuka Anichebe and then he did it…
His first copy pulled in over #1.5million naira almost immediately on his farmcrowd funding project… 
And in less than 2 weeks, he surpassed his company’s goal by 1000%.
Well… He got all the secrets from my book – The Faceless Selling: The Untapped Power To Selling Anything Without Opening Your Mouth Or Showing Your Face (and he is not even done with the book yet)
If you’re just starting out in Copywriting, then this book will be your go-to guide to help you gain ground as a pro.
And yes, even if you are into Copywriting, this book will teach you many new things about pro-copywriting

Here’s What You’d Learn In This Book

  • The Hidden Secrets Of Salesmanship And How You Can Start Selling Anything To Anyone
  • The Little Known Leading Emotions That Make Prospects Buy
  • 6 Figure Secrets To Knowing Your Ideal Customer For Your Business… Irrespective Of Your Niche
  •  Words You Can Use To Stop Any Busy Prospect (This Is Not About Shouting)
  • 100 Plus Winning Headline Examples That Can Outpull Your Best Ad Results
  • The Slippery Opening That Gently Leads Your Prospects To Taking Actions From You
  • 9 Simple Secrets Many Big Market Women Use To Repeatedly Win Your Sales Over Their Competitors (This Is Not About Meeting One Baba In The RIver. Number #9 May Shock You!)
  • The Science of Breaking Prospects’ Objection Like A Stick Of Broom
  • The Winning Story-Selling Secrets No One Ever Told You About
  • The Kind Of Sales Copy Bullet That Will Pull Your Prospects To Borrow Money To Buy Whatever You’re Selling
  • Closing Secrets Even Closers Can’t Resist
  • The Science Of Making Prospects Send You Money If After Reading Your Long Sales Copy
  • How To Get Your First Customer Without Working For FREE
  • The Proven Method To Make Clients Think Of You Even If They Have Not Seen You
  • How To Get The Best Team Working With You (Discover The Mistakes Many Businesses Do To Attract The Wrong Set Of People)
  • How To Spend No Money In Marketing Yet Get More Customers To Send You Money
And much more…
Do you know what many entrepreneurs are telling me today about this book?
Many claim the average price anybody should pay to get this book is #75,000… 
Here’s why: Irrespective of the price I put it, it will drive in at least 10 times whatever you paid for. 
You see…
It’s somewhat difficult to name a price to quantify the value. And guess what? The price it currently sells is less the price of many entrepreneurs monthly data plan.. 
Yeah. I know some persons may still claim that it is expensive. That was exactly how a direct response copywriter and marketer, Nanabo Ayebatonye, felt when he first got the book..
In his words he said:
“At first I thought the pricing was too high, but after going through the book, I feel like screwing you because you’d have made 2-5 versions of the information in this book.”
“The questions you answered I spent almost 100,000 naira to get, and here you are, giving it for an MTN weekly data fee”
“The Faceless Selling is a book I strongly recommend for copywriting. It’s one of the best book I’ve ever read. It’s so simplified that a 10 year old can read and become a badass copywriter under in 7 days”

So How Much Is The Book?

Glad you asked.
It sells for a measly #15,000 today. 
Wait! Before you order I want to be sure get this alongside. 

Look At The Timer Below…

[ec id="2"]
If you order before the reaches 00:00:00:00s
Then you’d be getting these amazing bonuses alongside
  • -10,000 Word Headline Samples From A 21 Billion Dollar Man (Value #50,000)
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  • -Legendary Copywriter Audio Programme On How To Control The Minds Of Your Prospects (Value #35,000)
  • -An Ultimate Guide On How To Research Your Prospects Well Enough To Make Sales Very Fast (Value #5,000)
  • -Facebook Ad Targeting Checklist To Meet Your Ideal Prospect (This secret can be used in any platform) (Value #5,000)
  • -My Report On “Getting High Ticket Clients Within 30days.”(#10,000)
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And perhaps, you think that’s all…

Well… there is one more 🙂

This will be one of the craziest offer I have ever made.. 
If you get a copy of your book before the timer stops, then I will also be giving you a 2 month premium access to The Ace Entrepreneur Club (Value #20,000)

Is There Warranty?

Of course. 
I operate by a golden principle which says “do unto others what you want others to do to you.”
In order words, if you get this book alongside the bonuses (if you’re lucky enough to take action before before the deadline) and you apply the secrets there and you DON’T find it valuable to pull you crazy sales without stress, send me a mail at
I really don’t know your speed of taking actions, plus I can’t tell your daily schedules, but here’s what I know… 
At least within 6 months’ time, you should have been able to go through the book and apply the secrets…
Now, that’s where it gets interesting… 
Even if after 5 months you went through the book or apply the secrets, but you don’t find the book valuable, send me a mail at and you’d be contacted and refunded in full.
You don’t have to return the book, or any of the bonuses. They are all yours to keep. Plus, I will send you a written apology for wasting your time.
Now, you are risking nothing! 
Click on the link to order now before the price shoots up to #20,000.

Here’s All You’d Be Getting (If You Order Below The Timer Ends)


  • The Faceless Selling (Value #15,000)
  • 10,000 word headline samples From A 21 Billion Dollar Man (Value #50,000)
  • My Audio Teleseminar On The Proven Secrets To Selling To Anyone (Value #5,000)
  • Legendary Copywriter Audio Programme On How To Control The Minds Of Your Prospects (Value #35,000)
  • An Ultimate Guide On How To Research Your Prospects Well Enough To Make Sales Very Fast (Value #5,000)
  • Facebook Ad Targeting Checklist To Meet Your Ideal Prospect (Value #5,000)
  • My Report On “Getting High Ticket Clients Within 30days.”(#10,000)
  • My Report On Practical Step-by-step Process To Writing Winning Copies (Value #5,000)
  • 2 Months Premium Access To “The Ace Entrepreneur” Club (Value #20,000)
TOTAL VALUE: #140,000
TODAY’s PRICE: #15,000
I have shown you how you can start making 6-7 figures from a single sales letter…

I have added bonuses to make the offer sweet to you…

I have given you a FULL 6 months Money-Back Warranty…

But like my mentor told me…

“I may take you to the river, but I can’t force you to drink”

It’s left for you to take actions now. 

One thing is certain…

You either take the step and start making the money you ought to have made in your business and in your clients’ businesses….


You go to another page and continue with the lifestyle of being cheated as a copywriter or not ever making high income without stress.

At the end, all is vanity. I know 🙂

Choose your own vanity!

Ortega Ogomigo

P.S: If you like to scroll to the bottom of the page to read what has been said. Here’s the summary…

I want you to try my proven secrets for 6 months, and if you don’t make a 6-7 figures per sales copy, then send me a mail at… And you’d get an instant refund. 

Plus, you can keep the book and bonuses worth #140,000 for free. 

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