The land that bleeds


When a woman is pregnant with woes and thorns left unuplucked
Pool of blood are fallen angels as streams of tears from heaven’s curtain
Every breath is exploited with whips of corruption, and wrapped with stripes of suffering
Drought chokes moisture and stabs it with malnutrition

When shame clothes our nudity, mockery whistles our doom in Nightingale’s melody
Bats invades the day’s peace with hoverings that banished birds to become night guards
Shadows are resurrected while the real body goes back in time
Bullets steal lives from Lekki protesters who sold their safety to patriotism

Ambulance feeds our depression to stupor as volcano sets the pace for Boko Haram
Leaders are wolves that downgrages its people as circus Lions
Superstition maims logic with jungle justice
Lies are the truth for those who wine and dine with power
Rape deflowers our dignity and renders us as worthless rags
The land bleeds with miscarriage as its seeds never kisses reality

© Roland Ogomigo
Instagram handle: rolandogomigo