1. Hello, My name is _______. What’s your name?
  2. Did you listen the recent podcast by _____? I saw that you’re a fan.
  3. Glad to hear that you went to x school. I did as well. How was your academic activites with that professor?
  4. How does it feel working with that boss? I have a friend working in that company.
  5. Really, you left your job on x for this. What caused the transition?
  6. I really like your recent posts on your blog. It resonates well with me. For how long have you been in this niche?
  7. Just curious. Have you ever visited the x place since your stay in Los Angeles?
  8. You talk so much like my lecturer. Same composure. Similar diction and use of words… I like it. It reminds me of those pleasant times with him,
  9. Would you mind if I explain this to you?
  10. You’ve got an amazing shirt over here. It looks good on you. Is it Italian?
  11. That speakers looks good, what do you think?
  12. Your tag. Looks like you work in New York. Do you?
  13. I’m buying a book for someone’s [milestone year] birthday. Do you remember reading anything around that time that really changed your life?
  14. What’s something most people don’t realize about [city/state]?
  15. The weather is very nice here, how’s it where you are?
  16. Do you subscribe to any newsletters about [topic, industry, product category]?
  17. Congrats on [recent company announcement]! How long was that in the works?
  18. Your company seems to host [online events, customer events, recruiting events, philanthropic events, industry events] fairly often. Are you involved in those?
  19. Here looks pretty cold. Is it like that over there?
  20. Amazing post over there. Seems like you’re a good fan of X person. I am currently in search of a good material to study to understand the subject. Is there one you would like to recommend?