Dear employees,

I must appreciate you all for your effort and dedication towards the growth of this company.

It is not business as usual and we are indeed in trying times, we are currently experiencing xyz situation. It is indeed a time of great stress and uncertainty.

In a bid to curtail the situation, we have put in place xyz solutions. And we are open to more suggestions from you all to move forward.

I assure you all that everything is under control but we need you all to overcome this crisis. Without you we cannot do this, so I urge you all to keep giving your best and we will get through this.

Thank you all.

Best regards,

Your Name

Dear Team mates,

I am indeed grateful to have each of you on board to work with me in moving this company forward.

Although we have been working so hard we have failed to meet targeted goals over xyz period and as such we are experiencing economic crisis due to xyz reasons.

This is not to make you panic, but to motivate you all into working harder. We have decided to make xyz changes and indulge in xyz strategies in order to come out of this situation.

If you have any questions concerning these strategies or you have effective strategies not listed that will work for us, please inform (who ever should be informed) about this as soon as possible.

The above mentioned changes be of effect from (state the date). Please take upon your responsibilities and give in your best as we are counting on you.

Thank you

Your Name