Dear Team,

I write to express how extremely pleased I am with your efforts to attain the previous months goals and objectives.

Your diligence and dedication inspires me.  With the goals of the previous month attained, we will proceed to another target goal of which I am certain that you all will yet again perform wonderfully well.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

[Your name]

Dear Sales Team,

Words will fail me to express how work with you all has yielded tremendous growth, over the past months of working with you, this company has recorded an incredible business scale up and for that I must say a big thank you.

You all have proven yourself worthy and it is with this I announce the commencement of a new strategic goal.

If you have any professional issues, I am open for discussion.

It is important you stay motivated and feel supported.

Once again thank you all.

Best regards,


Hello Esteemed Team,

Trust we are good. 

Really, you guys rock!

Thanks for putting in your best in smashing our previous years’ goal. It’s been an amazing experience working with you. 

I look forward to a pleasant year together.

Your name.

Dear Team,

Believe it or not, I wouldn’t have wished for a better team. You guys are really amazing. 

Thanks for making the company comes first in that award. Thank you (name) for your amazing input in making the (explain the goal here) sleek and perfect. Sometimes, I wondered where you get your creativity from. It is really laudable. 

And you, (name), you have your way with people. Great work convincing x. 

I believe this time around, we’d be shooting stronger to win the award once one. 

You see, those guys will not be asleep. They would also like to shoot for the awards, so guys we’ve got to come up with a winning and better strategy. 

Victory is ours, right?

Let’s do this.

Your name.

Dear Team,

Trust we are good. 

Can we do this again?

We have had track records of successes over the past few months, until last month. 

I understand we’re operating on a different terrain now. The system have been changed. The interface has been changed completely. I understand it is giving almost everybody a challenge to achieving their previous sales record.

But like we have been cultured, we don’t think like everybody. We think differently because we are.

And that’s exactly what we are going to do again. 

I have got a friend of mine to explain this new system to us, so we can understand what processes run there and how to achieve this goal,

I believe we can do it again. 

Together, we can!