Templates for cheering yourself up when down
There are couple of times when we feel down, and we have no one to cheer us up, you are all you need most times, speak to yourself and you will feel better, don’t know what to say?
Read through these:
I am strong, I am powerful, no matter the odds I’d survive. (Got this from a movie I can’t even remember, but it has helped me).
I’m amazing.
I have the ability to make things happen just the way I want them to.
I’m beautiful in my own way.
I’m not cheap weed, I’m expensive cocaine.
I can and I will.
I’m too smart to give up.
Mistakes and failure gives me another opportunity to try again more smartly.
I am my dreams, so I’m going to live my dreams each day.
This certainly didn’t kill me, so its bound to make me stronger.
Note to self: I am proud of you.