Hi (customers name)

We are so sorry that our product was not what it promised to be.

We are truly sorry for the disappointment and will like to send a better one to you for free.

Kindly accept our sincere apologies



Hey there (customer name),

We owe you an apology, we messed up.

It was not our intention to disappoint you by (indicate what led to the disappointment) and we take full responsibility for our actions and inconvenience a caused to you.

We promise to take the following preventive measures (list them) to prevent such an incident from repeating itself.

We value you and hope to win back your trust. Please do not hesitate to reach us if you have an additional feedback.

Best regards,


Hi (customers name),

Given by your feedback we know you have been disappointed and we truly apologize.

We intend to keep our promise of giving you 100% satisfaction on every of our products.

We are sorry we let you down. As a way of winning back your heart, we are giving you a 2 month free access to our membership club.

Thank you,


Hi (first name),

Thanks for reaching out. I’m so sorry, I definitely understand your concern and I’m escaping your issue so that someone can take a closer look at what’s going on right away.

Please standby and one of my teammates will get back to you with more details ASAP.

Best regards,


Hello (First name),

Yes we understand you’ve all right to do whatever you feel like now, because we broke our promises to you. 

It pains us that we couldn’t verify the crack in the product before sending it across to you. 

As a way of making it up to you, we are giving you a better product (describe type here) at a 10% discount. Plus, you’d also receive free one-month support service from us. 

We created another unit for checking products for cracks and damages before dispatching to prevent future disappointment

Best regards,

Your name

Hello (First name)

We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you. 

Our team are working on making it accessible to you right away.

Thanks for letting us know, We’d like to know if there are other thing you would like us to know as well.


Your name