STEVE HARRIS: Success story

No matter ones achievements, one is not proud to boast of dropping out of school, but here is Steve Harries who dropped out of school twice despite having parents who cherished education.
His grades were not up to par he was advised to withdraw from the University of Benin in 2004.
He enrolled in Madonna University that same year but left after 7 months because of the embarrassment.
Steve came back home and was depending on handouts from his younger sister who was now working in one of the airlines in Nigeria. One day, the sister got fed up and told him there was no more money for him.

Steve had gotten the card of one of the leading Motivational Speakers Fela Durotoye who was the CEO of VIP Consulting at the time. He met up with him and told him of his challenges.
Fela encouraged him and began mentoring him in 2006. At that time, Steve was working as an office assistant on a N10,000 per month salary. He later resigned to volunteer in Fela Durotoyes firm, and volunteered for 5 months without pay, but he gathered enough experience.

He also, out of his own volition, drew up a marketing strategy for sales of Fela Durotoyes information products Fela Durotoyes dire need at the time.

He began working in Fela Durotoyes firm, learning all he could until his opportunity came; Fela Durotoye had a training engagement in one of the banks, but he hadnt completed the training with another company. He called a couple of associates but they were busy and could not make it for the training scheduled to start in less than 24 hours.

After much deliberation, Steve stood up and said he could do it. He had been taking notes from Felas sessions and practising with his mirror for months. Here was the opportunity, and he had to step up to the plate.

Steve was prepped to take on the role of training new recruits (graduates) of a bank. He went on to deliver an excellent speech and was greeted with claps and a standing ovation. That was the end of being an office assistant.

Today, Steve is the author of two books; From College Dropout to Corporate Sellout, and From Friend to Fiancée.

In July 2011, he was recognized by the United Nations/YFP as a Young Ambassador For Peace due to his increased impact, inspiration and selfless service to the Nigerian youth.
His podcast has been rated among the Top 15 in the Training category in iTunes and has been downloaded over 200,000 times.
He was also honored as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award by the Junior Chambers International (JCI) Nigeria in September 2015.

Steve Harris, Nigerias leading life strategist, is a highly sought after management consultant, motivational speaker and author. He assists his clients to plan and execute strategy to enhance their personal and corporate productivity. He has also designed, managed, and facilitated several customer service and personal mastery training programmes, management, and leadership retreats.

He has been a consultant to several organisations, including GTBank, Diamond Bank, NLNG, Access Bank, Zenith Bank, NLNG, StanbicIBTC Pensions just to name a few, where he managed streams of customer service management, emotional intelligence, passion infusion and workforce activation training programmes and retreats on behalf of his firm, EdgeEcution.

He is a turn-around expert, inspirational speaker and corporate activator then Steve naturally comes to mind.
Steve grew up in a regular family. We werent by any means wealthy, but Id say we were comfortable. My parents were and still are people who value education. To be honest, I used to envy the neighborhood kids who had the freedom to fly kites, play street soccer, and roll tyres. My folks would whoop my behind if they saw me on the street, fraternizing with the other children. They involved my siblings and I with countless hours of study with lessons to keep us out of trouble.
Steves book From college drop out to corporate sellout is a brilliant work of excellence by the author which I believe everyone should read because it gives courage and hope to anyone who thinks he/she is down and out.
Id be the first person to tell you that I wasnt so sure I wanted to write about my life experiences, but I came to recognize that Im a limited resource. I would get tons of invitations to share my life experiences with several audiences and I figured that after a while, it wasnt sustainable, so I decided to put it all together. Ive been privileged to get a lot of emails from people who tell me my books have inspired them to believe in themselves and take action on their dreams. He says.
Moved by passion to assist individuals and corporations bridge the gap between their performance and their potential, Steve in the capacity of CEO of a fast rising management consulting practice, EdgeEcution, organizes consulting and training interventions to assist these partners become Number 1 or 2 in their industries.

Steve believes strongly that motivational speaking and being a life strategist are incredibly interwoven. Ive heard some people disregard the importance of motivation. They couldnt be so wrong. Allow me to explain. Motivation is a compendium of two words: Motive and Action. It helps people identify what motivates them to act and thats incredibly important, but after the motivation, sometimes, theres an execution gap, which is where life strategy comes in. I assist clients develop strategy for the areas of their lives that need change and I also help them execute and get results in 90 days. As a life strategist, Im your personal Jillian Michaels. And like her, I have a no excuses, ruthless execution approach to assisting people get things done. Steve reveals.

I cant take all the credit. Ive been mentored by the best speakers and consultants in the world. Im also incredibly hungry and driven, but most importantly, Ive discovered what I can be the best in the world at. Im continually learning. Ive taken courses from the University of Wales, certifications in life coaching and so much more. Education is so important. Dropping out of school twice wasnt a choice for me, life happened. Dont be fooled. Dropping out of school does not guarantee success. Excellence can never be discriminated against. Youll never go for an interview and hear them say, if you have a 1st class degree, this interview is not for you. But anything less than the best can and will be discriminated against. He admonishes.
Some of Steves mentors are, Fela Durotoye, Tonye Cole, Lanre Olusola and Charles OTudor who are leaders in their fields as well as great family men who love God.

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