It’s no news that it isn’t only the Hollywood or Bollywood actors and actresses that make sacrifices to give us that thrill and glue our interest with their performance when we watch their movies. Nollywood is no exception even if it might seem that our movies are less advance than theirs. That doesn’t mean we should overlook or downgrade the sacrifices made by our talented actors and actresses just to entertain us.


Becoming an actor isn’t an easy task and some of our popular actors today worked their asses out to climb that ladder. Do you think it’s so simple to imitate someone? Do you know how many cut scenes they must have experienced before getting that act right?


Nothing good comes easy in life and we are progressing daily irrespective of the level we found ourselves in. It’s worse to take shortcuts to get up there.


It’s very easy to criticize our movies when compared to the crazy stunts and high-quality graphics utilized by Hollywood or Bollywood. However, I’ll enlighten us about few sacrifices made by our actors and actresses in the industry.


1. Like we all know, the hair plays a major part in depicting the beauty of a woman so it’s a huge sacrifice to shave it off to a bald level just to act a particular role as instructed by the director. However, Mercy Johnson Okojie and Destiny Etiko are a few of the top Nollywood actresses who had done this to show how dedicated they are to their profession.


2. Since Hollywood has played a major role in performing stunts that makes their action movies epic, some of our Nollywood actors have also engaged in it too. Besides, these stunts are dangerous and many have sustained injuries from them so let’s appreciate them for entertaining us.


3. When we watch all those village movies shot in the forest, it is really risky because our actors are exposed to wild animals but they still go ahead to give us that thrill we so desire. They might even get attacked by harmful insects like scorpions, bees, etc while on set.


So like they say, Rome was not built in a day. I believe with support, love, dedication, and technology, someday we will even surpass the expectations of Hollywood. So let’s try to appreciate the best our Nollywood industry can offer now and the best is yet to come.