PRACTICAL SERIES: Converting Strangers Into Addicted Buyers

From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

TOPIC #9:  Make Her Your Ambassador


“Henceforth, you’d be our brand ambassador!


That calls for celebration for the company and the celebrity because both of them will be making more money.

The ambassador will get awarded in royalties or monthly cash for being the face of the brand…

The company pays him because of his influence and what he’d do to their sales.

And they, in return, get his followers or fans to become their customers.

It’s a win-win game. I heard a hearsay recently that many celebrities became really rich because of their many endorsements with brands. Is that true?

That’s by the way.

How has everything been going?

Yeah. Really. I am interested in you. Don’t mind that you may not physically see me now because you’re reading through your screen…

But I do care.

Have you been following the series and most importantly taking actions?

If yes, I bet you must have nailed several strangers by now and made them prospects.

And if no, what have you been waiting for?

To be done with the series first?

Common, information are to be taken and acted upon right away. That’s how winning is done. That’s how you’d make the best results.

I remember a particular reader who read my high demand book – The Faceless Selling some months ago…

Initially, before getting the book, he was skeptical that it wasn’t in hardcover. You know how people can be die-hard fans to hardcovers.

Somehow, he also didn’t want to miss some secrets in the book, so he purchased it against all odds.

And one day, I decided to call him (like I do to my clients) to see if he has been getting the benefits.

That day was a good day because he had just written his first sales copy for his farm crowd funding project and he made #1.5million almost immediately (before my call)….

And you see, according to him, calls couldn’t stop coming in. People were so hooked with the sales copy. They needed to speak to him so they could invest right away…

Months’ later, I decided to follow him up again…

He said what made me smile widely. 

“Within 2weeks we surpassed our company’s target by 1000%.”

I was really happy for him because he took action. Now, let me tell you what is crazier…

He isn’t even done with the book. That’s a great lesson. Always use information; don’t just gulp them in.

Money likes speed, you know.

I hope that sparks you to take more actions. (And if you’re interested in getting the book – The Faceless Selling- click here to locate it)

Now back to what I was saying.

Where was I?

Okay, great.

Make her your ambassador.

Remember what I told you the other time, customers like to be loved.

They like to be treated specially.

And one way to do that is by intentionally making them ambassadors of your offer.

Yes I know. When customers get good value for money, they instantly become evangelist for your offer.

They tell their friends and families. But you see, many of them don’t do it intentionally and frequently.

And you bet, some of your customers have this WIIFM (what is in for me) question dancing in their head.

They are trying to spot the benefit of referring you aside from goodwill.

Once they see, there isn’t any other benefit, they may feel reluctant especially when not asked.

What does making her your ambassador mean? Simple. It means making her a your brand representative. It doesn’t have to be official where you make it ceremonial. Today, you can simply do it by making them your affiliates.

Jay Abraham, one of my most reckoned marketing wizard, has made multimillion dollars in sales from doing this alone.

It works like crazy.

That’s big businesses are grown. Look at any network marketing company around and you’d see what I mean.

Fine they reward in cash, and kind…

The company makes so much in return as well. Referral marketing (word of mouth marketing) goes a long way in establishing trust and rapport. It saves you the time to trying to warm a relationship because your affiliates have probably built rapport with their sphere of influence. 

Let me be frank with you pal, making them your affiliates doesn’t necessarily mean you’d be blown up in sales fast. You’ve still got some roles to play. Don’t worry, they aren’t complex roles.

You’ve got to explain and educate your ambassadors on how to go about telling people about your offer to successfully make sales. 

Give them the necessarily materials and coaching. With the internet, it is not complicated. You can create a report where you’d explain exactly how they could become good ambassadors (affiliates) and get X benefits. 

You could also educate them via email or a zoom call to make them as secure and enlightened as possible. Then, periodically, you can keep following up on them to reinstate the drive and the benefits to them.

That’s it amigo. Try it out. Be ready to get blown into sales… 

See ya tomorrow.