PRACTICAL SERIES: Converting Strangers Into Addicted Buyers

From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

TOPIC #8:  Always Check Up On Her


Distance doesn’t break relationship.

Lack of contact do.

You see, lack of contact not only break relationship, it shatters it.

Ask any of the parties. The guy or the lady in question will tell you they felt less cared for.

Some may even tell you that their emotion started dying. Now, this doesn’t just happen to youth, check many marriages…You’d see what I mean. You see, the reason for many breakups or divorce is a love language only few understand.

Keeping in touch.

Keeping in touch means you care.

That is how it is perceived everywhere: In business and in life.

So how do you keep in touch with your customers or prospects?

Remember from the previous letters, I believe you’ve been able to locate your ideal prospects, know how to make her blush, how to make everything exciting to her….

Now, it’s time to keep in touch.

You see, almost every regular business will…

Show their offer to prospects.

Capture their leads… And make sales…

But boo!

They won’t show up. Then, they go hunting next time as though their previous catch has become irrelevant.

In relationship, this is what is described as flirting.

Being  a hunter is playing a cassanova’s game. You shouldn’t do that because soon enough you’d be caught and your trust will be killed. Be a farmer instead.

Nurture every relationship and give it time to grow. Let me shock you if you think this is something out of the blues.

You know what crazy industries like the porn, alcohol and drug industries do?

After you taste their offer, they don’t leave you.

First things first, they give you cool value for your money, make you get that HIGH feeling, make you reach climax….

And then, they anticipate your needs and they show you triggers to hook you…

More excitement
-Show you social proofs
-Connect it with association : show you a celebrity endorsing it.

They are deliberate about the triggers they show you. From seductive pictures, to new scenes, to celebrity endorsement, to TV commercial, to movies…

You see…

They, though, not exactly ethical, have many business strategy you could learn from today.

One, Know that human needs and wants are insatiable.

We’d always be on the lookout for something extra.

Two, know a lot of human decision is based on emotions.

This is why a man will tell his wife, “I love you” in a cool calm tone to establish emphasis.

He knows that if he said that fast and in a brash tone it would lose the meaning.

That’s why you’d see him dressing in the same attires as his wife and probably pecking her in public.. to show that he loved her.

And yes… With all the social media melodrama, you see their pictures online.

Those are pure emotions. The woman, on her part, feels more loved and cherished because of this.

And that’s because it triggered her emotion.

There are different kinds of emotions to observe in humans that make them act.

Greed: “I want it more and now” (you can trigger this with bonuses)

Pride/Ego: “My friend will sure know that I’ve arrived” (You can trigger this by painting the benefits of receiving the accolades, admiration, high perception from people.

Association: “X and Y person are also getting this result using this”

People like to belong to a clan. Nobody likes to be left out. Make prospects see that they are several people reaping XYZ benefit on your offer.

Show them case studies. Tell stories of people like them.

If possible, create a tribe from those benefits X results from your business and make it the central point. 

“When you do this product and you get this benefits from your taking action, you’d be hopped into the 3 comma club”

Fear: “If I don’t get this, I would still be dealing with my pains….”

“If I don’t get this, I’d be seriously missing out”

There are two kinds of FEARS.
.Fear in itself
And, Fear of missing out.

We are all moving from something we feared. A lot of persons become rich, because of the fear of being broke and limited.

A lot of parents spend more time with their children because of the fear of their children becoming extreme (negatively) like some kids they have seen around.

Fear is a powerful trigger. In fact, it is argued that it is the most powerful trigger of all.

Identify what your prospects are afraid of. Make it worse…And make them feel the need to get the solution. That way, you’d easily attract them.

*Scarcity: Yup. Scarcity makes people act fast.

Can you picture how over 50 students of any boarding school will act when they discover that the water for bathing is little and could only take 20 students?

Yes, you got it.

They would almost rush to the tap at the same time and start negotiating… Otherwise, they would be cheated by the quickest and most greedy.

Love: “Oh. What a feeling.”

Love is soothing and always looked forward to. People want to finally be truly loved by their spouse, parents, friends…

You can link this connection by taking them away from fears to pleasures such as : happiness, recognition, pride…

Three, know that prospects and clients could forget about you.

We’ve seen this happen time after time. We live in a busy world. Your prospects could forget you almost immediately especially when they have got a relatively pleasant offer that helps them save more money and get more results.

You don’t have to let this happen to your business. Know your Prospects and don’t forget to keep in touch with her.

Once in a while, follow up on her. Post educative contents to her.  Ask her questions she would be interested in. Help her solve her problem. 

Today, with social media and email list, it is very easy to keep in touch. Like I said earlier, “relationship is not killed because of distance, but by lack of communication of contacts”

Stay frosty,