PRACTICAL SERIES: Converting Strangers Into Addicted Buyers

From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

Topic #7: You Must Never Be Found Boring


I have a confession to make.

Some years back…

I guess 3 years ago, I was thought of as boring because I was too formal.

My communication was all business-like. No colloquialism.

You see…

Sometimes, my friends insulted me on passing…

“How will you woo a lady?”

“How will your relationship look like?”


I thought my lady will cope. But heck!

Nobody will like to always be with a zero-fun, always strict, business go-getting guy.

I wouldn’t marry me then if I were a lady 😂.

Luckily for me, I got to balance my fun and business life.


Aside from the fun aspect to life that many people cherish, the brain (if you haven’t known) is crazily tired of bland, the same, uninteresting thing.

And guess what?

This brain is not a mystery brain or some brain in planet Mars.

This is the brain tuck in everybody’s head, including your prospects.

You see, the brain has got a primitive part called the CROC or hind brain.

This is the part that filters information for B-I-F-C (beneficial, intriguing, freshness, curiosity)… and for everything new.

Exactly. You’re correct!

If it doesn’t get a compliance with B-I-F-C, it kicks the information out. This is how come you see people sleeping (especially when they are not tired) in sermon, events, conferences, classrooms….

This is why you see people keep ignoring your message content especially if has the same or similar introduction or content or picture pattern or starts the same way.

It’s not their fault.

The brain is tired of seeing the same thing over and over.

And this happens not only in your content but in your product.

If you have not heard this before, I will tell you now. Almost everybody is searching for something new to feed the brain.

This is why you still see professors glued to their newspaper even at old age, you see some folks scrolling down their newsfeed to get something interesting.

It’s not enough to produce one product in business or provide one content without making it adapt to change to fit the latest taste of clients.

Listen, wants and desires change with time.

To build and create excitement in whatever you build, build it to adapt to change and not just to last.

That’s one of the reason Myspace lost to Facebook even when they had all the funding and business professionals backing them. You see, the problem is not the certificate or money, but…

The continuous satisfaction of excitement.

Look at it another way…

A smoker will take one pack of cigarette this week, next week, let’s suppose his body has tolerated one pack…

He wouldn’t just take one pack. He needs more to get to that feeling.

And that’s how you should be to your customers and prospects.

Don’t just create a product or have one product around that will satisfy their present feeling.

In fact, if you don’t create at least a new product every year, your company may lose to competition.

Fine. You may not have the luxury to create new products. This is where joint ventures and affiliate come into play.

Get someone who has ketchup to add to your chicken and chips. Get someone who sells something complementary to blend with your products.

Look at it this way.

Your prospects and clients’ brain are constantly searching for excitement. And if they don’t find it, they wont stop looking for it.

And when they find it from your competitors, you’d lost them.

This is why we have…

Android 4
Android 5
Andriod 7
Andriod 9
Android 10…

IPhone 6
IPhone 7
IPhone 8
IPhone X

Toyota Camry
Toyota Avalon
Toyota Prius
Toyota Sienna
Toyota C-HR


You get the point…

And let’s say, you have got just one product (digital product), one way to increase the perception of value like I do is to create…

Complementary products that my prospects will be interested in and have it as part of the bonuses.

Say, I have a book on Copywriting, like I do

I could satisfy my prospects recent desires by creating a report on how they could get clients under 30 days (if that is their identified desires)

Now, a quick recap.

You can make her excited at all time by…

-Giving her something Beneficial, Intriguing, Fresh…

-Changing Your Content Strategy

-Adapting to change

-Introducing new products/services to her to make her get a 100% solution

-Getting in partnership with other persons to help her.

-Always showing up with the latest offer to make her get X solution faster, better….

Do this amigo.

Bye. We’d talk later.