PRACTICAL SERIES: Converting Strangers Into Addicted Buyers

From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

Topic #6: It’s Time To Make Her Blush



“You’re making me blush”

I bet you must have heard that several times even from very dark ladies.

I mean, “very dark ladies.”

That was how I was discussing with one a particular day.

Gosh! This lady is a typical description of “Dudu Osun” (Black Soap).

But it sure fits her. She is really pretty especially when she throws you a smile. But you dare not turn off the light at night.

Okay. That’s it.

Let me head on to what today’s letter is all about, but first, let me tell you this (you’d like it).

Do you know how ladies feel when you make them blush?

They smile and could fiddle with their hands.

They become happy and would like to be around you.

You see…

For the past few days I have been using relationship terms to make them more relatable to you. I hope you’re not just laughing or longing for a relationship 🤪, but you’re actually getting the many lessons there.

That’s by the way.

Will be showing you how to not only make your prospects blush, but make her tell her friends about you.

I had (still do) a client who got one of my products. Remember, like I told you in the previous letter, you’ve got to save her details.

So I did.

I got her number saved and after about a week or so, I followed up on her to see if she is ripping off the results in the product…

And if she would require any support or have any complaints.

I bet she hasn’t got this follow-up from an expert, so she started blushing.

I could literally feel the virtual blush 😊. I read it from her words. She was wowed.

And soon, she started ripping off the benefits.

And then, I informed her of another product I was about creating and I needed her thoughts and problems so I could have the solution well met for you.

She was blown away. She almost couldn’t believe it that she isn’t just to be a consumer, but a contributor. Everybody likes that. 

And this is what I do to almost all my clients to make them committed.

So here is how to make yours blush.

Assuming you have got her details saved from the lead magnet you’re putting up.

You can immediately blow her away with value to make her blush.

Now, let’s say…

She decided to drop her details to get your free ebook, free masterclass, free webiner, free course, free (whatever)

Then, you have a set of 5-7 day email series you have created on your email marketing platform (by the way, you can create an account with either Aweber, Mailchimp, Get response….)

The content of those mails will help you build more rapport to make them get fond of you. Some of contents could include:

Day 1: Your introduction mail and your lead magnet

Day 2: You teach them something to help them solve a problem quickly.

Day 3: Follow up on your lead magnet and teach them promise to teach or give them something (a video, audio, mail)

Day 4: Reveal it in your mail and keep it open-ended like how season movies keep you glued with another episode.

Day 5: Complete the loop

This will help you quickly make them blush and give you an opportunity to sell something to her. That’s why it is good to follow-up on her pretty early.

An average marketer will just send them the first introductory mail with the lead-magnet and that’s it.

It is normal, bland, and stale. That won’t make anyone blush.

You can also make her blush by keep checking up on her and giving her value.

By the way, what is value?

Value is the good perception a prospect has on your offer.

The more you increase the perception of value, the more she blushes… and the more she wants to do business with you.

You can do this with power warranties.

-Try for 3 month. If it is bad for any reason, just send me a mail at, I will repair for you for free

-You’re 12 months iron clad money-back-warranty on our offers.

-If you dont get the value in this product AFTER USING IT, for any reason just send me a DM. I will double your money back to you. Plus, you can keep the product. No big deal. No issues. No hard feelings.

You can do this with bonuses

-Not only are you getting this product, you’re also getting this and that and that as well.

You can do with support.

-If you have any issues for whatever reason, call our customer care number at 9702-740927, we would reply you within minutes.

-We are offering you a 24 hour full support. Our staff work night shift. We would respond to any of your complaints under 2 hours.

-You can call me at 8662-936820-79 I’ll answer any question you have on this product.

You get it?

Now note.

People like to feel loved (not condemned) and that is what get them blushing.

And when they feel loved, they get committed.

I once read a story of a shy dude who said he got addicted to porn because somehow according to him, he liked girls, but he was fat, unattractive and doesn’t know how to talk to ladies.

But when he got into porn, he realized he wasn’t condemned by those ladies, he wasn’t called fat…

Yet he saw those goddamn nude bodies without even talking or persuading those ladies.

And his brain deceived him because he felt happy. In his mind, he is blown away with value. 

Now that’s it.

Don’t go watch porn. It is a crazy drug that can hook you for years.


I believe you get the point.



Let’s talk tomorrow.