PRACTICAL SERIES: Converting Strangers Into Addicted Buyers

From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

Topic #5: Save Her Number; You’d Call Her Soon

Now, it’s not enough to go to the party and woo a lady you have never met.

If you have got no number, then, you are on a long thing because chances are, you won’t see her anytime soon.

Plus, you risk your chance of making your objective successful with her.

Having her number or details saved is not just only important in relationship. It’s also important in any business setting.

It gives you an opportunity to call back, check how she is fairing and possibly sell her something.


Ensure to keep your eyeballs scanning for every opportunity to get her details or data.

Good thing. It is easier today.

You can capture her name or email address or phone number on your opt-in page when you want to give her a freebie.

You can capture her name and phone number on your shopping cart in your website even before she clicks the buy button.

You can capture her number by driving her through your WhatsApp funnel.

You can decide to make her send you an SMS before she buys your product so you could capture her details.

You could get her to call you so you could get their details.

In all you do, don’t forget this….

If you don’t capture her details, it could be difficult doing business with her in x time.

Here’s why: like almost every human, she could forget about you – soon.

Plus, she lives in a distracted world where she anything could steal her attention (including your competitors marketing strategies)

Don’t blame her for forgetting things easily.

Don’t blame her for giving in to your competitors.

Blame you if you fail to capture her details.

Now let’s assume she bought your digital product, listen, don’t send the product via whatsapp, or telegram…

Phone could be lost. Numbers could be changed. But people hardly change email addresses because it is a point where they store a lot of files including contacts, pictures and all.

So do deliver via her email address because you’ll be calling her soon.


I mean it.

You’ll be calling her soon.

See you later. I will explain more on that.