PRACTICAL SERIES: Converting Strangers Into Addicted Buyers

From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

TOPIC #4:  Meeting Her For Real And Making A Lasting Impression


What have you been told about first impression?

That it makes the lasting impression?

That it is one of the most important impression?


That’s right. It is.

This is why it is always important to make your first impression count. Give it your focus and it will save you the strenuous process of making another good impression.

First impression is just like a headline. A weak headline will not pull you to the article or sales copy. Worse still. It won’t grab your attention.

In the previous letter, I explained to you the foundation secrets you need to know before ever meeting her. Today, I will be showing you how to make a lasting impression.


There are thousands of folks selling something similar like you. And a large chunk of them are hungry assholes.

They are focused on transactional relationship. You could almost see them screaming “buy” everywhere on their landing page or social media.

I stumbled on an ad and almost instantly pulled back. The content of the ad wasn’t appealing to me as a stranger (cold prospect).

All I did see was “click on this link to buy now” almost everywhere.

Sadly, there are several ads and contents like this flying on the internet. And they are not making lasting impression. Worse still, they have minimal conversion rate.

Wait a minute.

What are lasting impressions?

Let me give you this analogy.

You walk into a bank and the security man gestures with smile across his face as he greets you, complements and welcomes you to the bank.

And tells you the usual “thank you for banking with us” in very friendly manner.

Will you ever like to come to that bank?

Of course. Everybody loves good impression.

Now, back to business.

You know almost everybody is screaming buy on their pages, stores and websites

You don’t want to do that, trust me. You want to do something different.

You want to make a lasting impression.

The moment they see your shop or business, you want to make them feel special. By the way, have you ever asked yourself what makes a person feel special?


When you focus on them. You tell them how their hair looks. Their mannerism and speech. How amazing they are…


That is the word – interest.

Become genuinely interested in them and they will feel special.


In her closet, she has got some things that keep her awake at night.

She has got some wishes and silent prayers to end her struggles, or fears, or pains or, regrets.

She wants a fix. She wants to get to that pleasure or desired goal… Fast!


She comes to this market with the hope of seeing something that will interest her. And then, the next thing is…

People (business people) start screaming buy.

Heck! You don’t want to do that.

You know her now… And you sure want to make her feel special.


By tuning to her radio station.

Her radio station reads – WIIFM? (What is In For Me?). This is the question running at the back of her mind.

She wants to know how to get rid of her fears fast and get to that pleasure. But she isn’t trusting anybody (especially those screaming BUY HERE. BUY NOW) because TRUST cant be bought; it is earned.

Now they are different ways you could earn her trust. I’ll show you.

First, you give first before taking. 

I am talking about giving her value upfront. This could be in ebooks, free advice, free consultation, free sampling….

Make this your pitch. And create an emphasis of it. This means instead of saying, “buy now”, you’d say…

“Attend this free seminar to help you with x”

“Try this out. It’s for free”

“Book a 30 minutes free consultation with me, let me help you with X”

The good news about this is that she wouldn’t forget you because you positioned yourself as problem solver rather than joining the rest of the  pack who is always with their empty bag expecting cash.

The second is, you ensure you make her know you’re doing more than your competitors for her.


You see, one of the best ways of ripping off your competitors is to give something similar to what they sell as bonuses. For instance, in the content marketing, if your competitors are giving 5 secrets to their readers, then you’d give 10. The goal is to satisfy your customers more.

You could offer to provide reliable customer support, stronger product or services, stronger warranty…. 

Look at what your competitors are offering and look at the deepest unsatisfied wants of your prospects, then do more… And let her know you’re doing more.

That’s it for today. 

  •  Have a freebie package: consultation, call, ebooks, reports, mini-course, sample, masterclass, seminar, webiner, showroom, explanation video, demo…
  • Ensure you’re going something extra that will make your impression strong. If your competitors smile, smile longer. Give stronger warranty. Improve your product or services. Give more value.

Now get to work!

Talk later.