PRACTICAL SERIES: Converting Strangers Into Addicted Buyers

From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

TOPIC #3:  Before Meeting Her


So far you’ve seen her different personalities…

You’ve known the kind of states she can be in.

So what next?

Go meet her and yell “Hey stranger. I know your personalities and States!”

Don’t do that.

You see, business is like a relationship.

First you play spy before ever meeting the person.

And if you want to get the person as your lover, you take your time to understand her long enough and then you shoot.

You may go to the extent of asking her friends questions or joining the organization or club she belongs in to understand how she deals with people.


I know you spot it. That’s it. I will be talking about the foundation you need to know before you ever get to meet her.

First, let us establish that every stranger is a human being. At least in this context.


As a human being they have got some emotions.

They are trying to avoid a fear or get to a pleasure.

They have got names too, you know.

And as humans, they are sociable. This means they like to mingle around with people they know, like or trust.

Plus, people who are like them, people who like them or people they would like to be.

This is the way humans act, including those strangers.

Mind you, like I said the other time, these strangers are your cold prospects. They constitute over 60% of your ideal prospects (in fact some report claim over 80%). They don’t know a thing about you yet. But deep down they have got some silent desires, pains, fears, hopes… because they are humans.

So how do we begin the foundation?

I really like the term foundation, because it reminds me of a building. There is something spectaculars about every building. If the foundation is faulty, no matter how fancy the building can be…

It will crumble when hit by a storm.

In order words, if the foundation is bad (that is why you need to pay close attention here), irrespective of your marketing strategy or how much you pump into ads, your results will be minimal or next to nothing.

Got that?


Let me tell you of the Foundation Secrets. Get a pen and a book. We ride now.


FOUNDATION SECRET #1: Have An Idea Of Who She Is

Better put. Have an idea of who you’d like her to be.

Ever seen someone planning to go into a serious relationship? He, if smart, will have had an idea of the lady he will like to attract or have.

He wouldn’t just storm every lady down the street because of some throbbing hormones. You see if he does, he would most likely be rejected by many and may not make the most out of the relationship.

Business is like forming a relationship (an ethical one) with your customers and prospects. To do this well, you have got to know who you want.

What do you want?

Who will you like to work with?

Can you draw who your ideal prospect will look like?

Does she have a name?

Do you have a picture of her on your head?

I described extensively on how to locate your ideal prospects HERE


FOUNDATION SECRETS #2: Frequent Her Environment

I need you to relocate to where she stays. Observe how she converse with friends online and see her thoughts across different media.

Fine, you may not be able to physically relocate to your prospects environ. Today, it gets easier with the internet.

Remember I told you that your prospects is sociable.

She is currently on some platforms, making contributions on some online communities, reading some newsletters, ranting and posting her thoughts social media…

Remember the saying, “it’s better viewed when inside”. Your goal here is simple. Try as much as your can to be an insider.

Getting inside their environs is easy. Think like her. Put yourself in her shoes. 

Where will you locate yourself if you were your prospect? What group on social media will you be a member in? What newsletter will you subscribe to? What websites or YouTube channel will you be an active consumer of?


FOUNDATION SECRET #3: Know What Will Get Her Eyeballs

If you have been in her environment long enough, you’d probably know what will get her attention because you’d have probably seen her communicate her fears, interests, desires… across different media and online communities.

A rule of thumb to guide you if you ever want to catch her attention: Know what she is interested in and let her see you’ve got it.


FOUNDATION SECRET #4: Have Your House In Order 

Did you ever feel pity for that guy who comes around to woo you when he has got no dressing sense… no good communication skills… no persuasion strategies… no attractor factors.

You have got to have your house in order. Get that in your skull.

Make your house will framed properly to look welcoming.

Say your testimonial floating around your home page.

Your profile optimize and professional

Your social media clean from irrelevant tags and things.

Your hook at the top to create emphasis.

Got that?

Great. That’s it for today.

Before I leave to see you tomorrow, let me drop this popular quote.

“If you ever fail to plan, you’ve planned to fail”

That’s it Ace member.

You’ve got to take this serious. In fact, start working on it this very moment before you go to bed.

See you tomorrow.