Ronald Ikenna Nzimora

An intriguing success story of RONALD NZIMORA, CEO DIGITAL NEXUS


Ronald Ikenna Nzimora, Nigerias most inspiring digital marketer. Ronald is a serial entrepreneur, copywriter, direct response-marketing strategist, business coach, investor, social media influencer, and author.
He is a founding Partner of Digital Nexus Interactive, Nigerias fastest growing digital marketing agency. Ronald is also the founder and CEO of Profit Marketing Systems Limited, one of Nigerias top digital marketing and publishing firms.
This story aims at sharing how he got to where he is presently.
Ronald is from Ihiala, in Anambra State. His mother inspired him into greatness while he was in primary school after she bought him Late General Mamman Vatsas books to read. The first time he knew he would become a publisher was while still in primary school.Reading Late General Mamman Vatsas books made him develop interest in reading and writing.
He almost became a Catholic priest but pulled out after 6 years of training in seminary school to attend a conventional university.
He enrolled to study Agricultural Economics in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State, in 2003 but dropped out in his final year in 2007 to begin his journey into the entrepreneurship world.
Before 2008, he failed in every businesses he tried among which are cassava business, a phone business, and owning a pathetic business center. He also failed in some other early attempts at business such as article writing, affiliate marketing via adworefood chds, and newsletter publishing, which he did between 2003 and 2007.
An article he read in Success Digest magazine inspired him to develop the business idea that eventually made him a millionaire. He borrowed his sisters laptop in 2007 to start the business that eventually made him a millionaire tech giant. His sisters laptop, which was the only office equipment he had while starting out, broke down as he was using it to burn the first set of CDs containing information products that he sold by hand.
He started an information marketing company in 2008 with his last money, which was N960. His first income was about N35,000 after selling information CDs by hand to people in Lagos.
He had a bad experience in 2007 after making over $2000, which he lost as his PayPal account was frozen.
He borrowed N5000 from his younger sister to attend an information marketing business workshop in April 2008 which was organized by Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase. After attending the information-marketing workshop in 2008, he started an information product, which failed almost immediately after he started it.

He is a best-selling author. Some of his most sought-after books are I Will Teach You Business, (2019), Sell Your Brain (2016), and Triangle of Profits (2016). He gave out the first 20,000 copies of his book, Sell Your Brain, free of charge and made $31,000 from those free copies.
He established BuyWell Properties, in 2018 and hit profits almost immediately even when the company did not have logo, brand colors, slogan/catchphrase/tagline. He has a thriving YouTube channel where he teaches business skills and mentorship lessons.
He is among Nigerias leading twitter influencers with thousands of followers and some of the most controversial rants on topical issues.

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