How To Make People Perceive Your Digital Product As Valuable And Pay You 2X - 3X As Much As They Would Give To Competitors

Dear Entrepreneur,

Do you have a book, course, audio programme you would like to sell faster?

Do you have a software you priced low, but still struggling to make sales?

Or, are you considering creating one, but you are wondering if it will sell or not?

Are you stuck with the pricing, and think if you should underprice your book so as to get more people to buy from you?

If you answer yes to any of the above, then pay attention to every thing I am about to show you today because I’m about to show you what top marketers will hardly tell you.

When I first created by book, I got embraced by the ego of being an author…

But it wasn’t for long because I struggled with sales…

First day, no sale.

Ten days, no sale.

15 days…. no sale….

I was wondering what the problem was…

“Oh, I didn’t launch it well. I could have used some pre-launch strategies and secrets to make people anticipate for it and even send me money…”

“Or, is it that the price of my book is too high?”

Well, truth is, the price was relatively high. But, I couldn’t reduce the price because I felt it would affect the perceived value.

So what am I to do with the obvious challenge of being an author, but who doesn’t have a sale to account for it?

I started thinking about several things… I ran ads…

Well, believe it or not, I got no sales.

“Maybe I didn’t target the right people”

I did another ad…

Oh, yes. I got a few sales… About 3.

But it wasn’t as expected. I was expecting some bubbling sales and jumping every where, but nothing…

I got some affiliates, sadly…. still no sales…

Then in desperation, I thought about something and decided to try it out…

I worked on getting reviews and testimonials from experts in the field of my book.

But, every time, I tried sending a message to those experts, I get my brain push me with these thoughts:

-What if they are busy?

-What if they give you high-falloting review prices?

-What if they don’t respond to your mail or text?

I was disturbed by these thoughts and decided to stay calm and create a tactic I could use to smash their objections and get them to do it for me for FREE.

Then, I tested it….

And decided to rest. The next day, I checked my message on Facebook and what I saw made me scream…

He said YES!

He said he would review my book for free and get back to me in 2 weeks’ time…

I became motivated and I tried the same tactic again to many other experts on other platforms email, Instagram, Whatsapp….and the response was similar….

Now, I have got 10 experts interested in endorsing my book for free…

Then, one day, I decided to try a different tactic, and what I saw next shocked my bones…

“Ortega, for me to review your book, you would have to pay #75,000”

Why is this so? I was wondering.

Obviously, the expert (and all other experts) knows the value endorsement and reviews give to book.

You guessed it. I couldn’t afford #75,000 for a review, so I left him.

I went back to my previous tactic and applied it on another expert…

He was so stunned that he agreed to write the foreword of my book without even begging him or asking for it.

What is the tactic, by the way?

It is a secret formula to get expert recommend your products and services for free.

Before I go into that, let me tell you the psychology behind this.

Your readers or prospects don’t just want to buy books, they want to buy solution, so seeing reviews from people lures them to you that your book will give them the solution they seek.

Plus, every expert is like a shepherd to that followers. Once they recommend a stream to their sheep, the sheep become comfortable to drink there…

You see…

This is the same reason why you would see some smart companies pay celebrities heavily to endorse their products because of what a single recommendation could do.

You see Wizkid with Infinix phone…

Jay Jay Okocha with BetKing…

Olamide with itel Mobile…

And this list continues…

When I started getting reviews…

My prospects started feeling, “Oh, I know this expert… I know that expert. This book must be really valuable. Let me get it”

And this has been their emotions whenever I run my book as an ad, with affiliate and every where… The same book, even at a higher price now….

But the endorsements from experts framed it as a must-have for many prospects that they don’t see it as expensive…

Here’s just a proof of the testimonials I got from REAL experts for free, in case you think I am telling lies….

I could show you more you more. But I think you get the point…

Perhaps now, you feel like you’d also need to get the book – The Faceless Selling. But that’s not why I am writing to you today. 

But if you still feel is necessarily, send a text to this number +2348153773538 and you’d get more info about it. 

Now, back to what we’re saying…

Would you like to learn how I got them recommend my product (and many other products I have created down the line) for FREE?


I have detailed everything in my new book – Real Experts Recommendation Secrets: How To Get Top Experts Recommend Your Product Or Services For FREE.

This book takes you through the exact-step-by-step formula I used to bypass their review prices and get them to do it for you…. for FREE.

Here’s What You Would Learn In This Book

  • The magic touch that boost a lawyer’s business when publicity couldn’t do
  • The first and most important thing to do if you ever want experts to give you recommendation for free
  • How and where to see what experts and currently thinking about and how to take advantage of it
  • How to build faster rapport with any expert
  • How to get any expert to accept your book in your first interaction and promise to endorse it in an agreed time
  • Templates to get experts to say YES to your request
  • The simple technique to get expert to give you their number even without asking
  • What to do to make the internet support you
  • Why you can get a big recommendation or donation from a big magnate within a week
  • 24 emotion buttons you can press to persuade experts faster
  • How to get a yes from an expert even if he likes money
  • The secret follow-up techinque experts like

And that’s not all. There’s a lot more than this…

In the book, you will also discover a gift worth #20,000 for you to grab.

So then, how much is the book?

Glad you ask. The book sells for #5,000. But hold on… 

You’d sure like this…

There is no way I am giving you this book for #5000 today…

I want you to test this book yourself for 120 days by paying just half the usual price (#2500) today…

If after going through the book, you find it valuable then you can optionally send me your tithe. I will gladly receive it.

NOW NOTE THIS (Very Important): If by any reason you don’t find this book valuable after testing it for 120 days, kindly send a mail to me  at with the Subject Line: “I Don’t Like The Book.”

You’ll be contacted and your money in full will be sent to you almost immediately…

No struggle…

No hard-feelings…

This means you’re getting a 120 money-back warranty.

Click on the link below to get the book delivered to your email almost immediately after making payment

Wait! Before You Click On That Button

I want to sweeten the deal a bit for only smart and fast action takers… 

Look at the timer above. Yes, that one before the red button.

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The secrets there, if applied, can blow your business in sales irrespective of the niche.

Yeah. You’d get that when you get the product before the time elapsed. 

When elapsed, you won’t be getting the one-month premium access… You’ll still be able to get the book.

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Because when you come next, don’t be surprised to see #6,500 as the new price.


Ortega Ogomigo

P.S: Remember aside from the knowledge you’d be getting in the book, there is a gift worth #20,000 for you to grab. And you are getting all for #2500 today, isn’t that amazing?

Now, if you’re thinking that #2500 is expensive, don’t bother clicking on that link. I have warned you. I hate getting folks who think boosting their products sales or business is expensive and they are not ready to apply the secrets….

Just keep your money in your purse. I guess it is safe there.

But if you think #2500 is a steal to get a book that could boost your sales to 3 times, make you stand-out from your competitors, get a gift worth #20,000…. and provide you the opportunity to test for 120 days without any risk, then you’re the person I want to rip off these secrets.

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