Cut Them!

When you set your goals to accomplish a feat, say financial, mental, whatever, then you must be ready to do this.

If not, you’d keep dragging your feet and… maybe… Not even reach your goals.

Believe me, you’d hate yourself for not smashing your goal. You might even go into depression because you probably have laid out your plans to reaching that goal… told some friends about how your new look will be…. ranted on social media…. But turns out, as the end of the month, year, nothing happened…

You see, when it comes to moving forward, there are two things you should always consider.
-The forward push.
-The backward draws.

Many a times, what stopped people from smashing that feat or milestone is because they haven’t gotten rid of the what besets them.

They don’t want to get rid of that association… They are not ready to stop picking calls from that time-sucking-vampire… They are too shy to say no to that cool dude…

And soon, you see them working their asses off, burning out, almost losing their health… But they are making no progress.

This is because they are still with those same ol’ stuff.

Sandra was overweight, about 650Ib. She wanted to lose her weight. Her doctor has warned her that she could die in less than 10years because of the way she is going with junks and her weight.

She sighed. She didnt want to die so she set her resolution to lose 130Ib in the first year like several people all over the internet. 6 months into this new resolution, Sandra was found with puffy cheeks, fatter thighs and legs, swollen necks….

Now, she finds it difficult to help herself from the bed without an assistance. She has just added 10 pounds extra.

What changed? I thought she set her resolutions. I thought she wanted to wear that bikini look and look pretty sexy and healthy.
But turns out, she didn’t.

A week after setting her new year’s resolution, she went on a sleepover with 4 of her overweight friends…

“It was a fun experience” she recalls. But, she killed her vibe and goals because she didn’t cut them off while working to achieve her dream weight.

Listen: I want you to try this experiment.
Put 6 crabs in an open bowl. You’d find out none of them will be able to leave that bowl successfully because they will keep pulling their legs till nobody leaves.

Now, take one of the crabs and put in an empty bowl. Easy yeah?


It will crawl out without stress because it is in a different environment from the other crabs. That is the basic pal…

You can’t be set on a journey and have your legs glued to the ground. First things first, cut them…

No. Am not saying make enemies. Am saying reduce your conversation with anything or anybody that will not take you to your new destination.

Start making excuses. Listen, you’re not obligated to pick calls when they come. Many distractions that come up start from our receiving a single call.
Now, I know this may look bad, evil… or whatever you call it.
In my opinion, it is the most righteous thing you can ever do when you’re set to become a new person.

If possible, change your number, delete their numbers, unfriend them on social media (like I did with over 2000 friends), stop going to their place, stop hanging around with them….

Stay focus. You need that energy.


Ortega Ogomigo