Kill The Inferiority Demon


I had it… It was locked somewhere in my brain…

It had a loud voice, something like the voice of a megaphone spoken to by an enthusiastic evangelist across the road… 

Whenever it shouts or echoes, I almost always become dosed with amnesia.

And then, the good voice, good stories, good memories, good achievements suddenly just wipe out… 

Like a bulb shut, it blanks out completely leaving no trace of light… 

And then, I stand there in the darkness, hearing the voice call my name… 

“Ortega, you suck!”

Turning around, I saw no face. I saw nobody…

I turned again with my hands stretched horizontally, I started looking for my way out of the darkness.

“Booo….!” The voice kept mocking me. 

I turned around. Still, I saw nobody, no face, no soul… 

I kept moving and suddenly, I touched the wall… 

Phew! I felt relieved.

I started navigating my way through… 

And then, I saw a switch. 

“Click” and the darkness ran. The voice ceased. Light was restored..

I started seeing the beauty in me. I saw what I had done. I saw my achievements. I saw what I would be grateful for. 

(Deep breathe)

Does that sound or look familiar to you? If you’re watch movies, particularly horror, it may be a scene you could quickly relate to. 

Well, I am supposed to tell you about how to tell inferiority complex, so why did I have to make it look like a cinema?

Simple: because inferiority demon act that same way. 

It is tucked somewhere in your head and like giving several reasons why you should not attend that meeting, form that partnership, say HI to that buddy on the other side, dress in that cool wears…. 

It tells you to compare yourself with that guy or lady. It throws away your achievements and tramples on it.

You see, It got me in high school… really hard. 

In fact, I can say, my neck was in-between the 3 teethed-fork-like- sword (the one that Zeus carried in movies) of that goddamn  creature. 

It made me miserable. I couldn’t take any single position as a leader in High school. I was so shy talking to my friends, people in authority and even my juniors…. I felt like one big loser.

It reminded me several times that I was a chronic stutterer, that I’d fumble if I dare open my mouth. It prevented me from achieving so many things or taking so many opportunities… 

Until one day, I decided to turn the table around and light on. This time, I was the one with the 3-teethed-fork-like-sword. 

I ensured I made it miserable. In fact, I was so merciless that I… killed it (don’t look at me that way)

And I feel proud of myself. Here’s how I killed the inferiority demon (and how you could do likewise)

-Focus on the good.

-Be grateful

-Count your blessings

-Enjoy the moment

-Stop comparing yourself

-Surround yourself with positive people

-Stick to a growth mindset

Do this and you’d kill it….


Will you?


Ortega Ogomigo.