Just One Thing…. And It’s Enough


Don’t be surprised…

You don’t need crowd. You don’t need to do a whole lot. You don’t need to have millions of clients. You don’t need 50 skill sets…
Whatever. You just need few. Few good stuff. Say just one.

I believe you must have had about this before: 80% of the economy is controlled by 20% of the population. Now, think about this for a minute:

Would you like to serve the 80% of the population or just the top 20%.

Well, whatever choice you make. It will tell us in your end results…

Productivity level… Level of income… Level of freedom…. Health…. Lifestyle.

That’s by the way, there is something I’d like to talk to you about. It’s on how focusing on one most important thing each day will help you do away with attention seeking low-results tasks,

You see, each day we have got different activities to run in our businesses, families, life….

But in all these activities, there seem to be the very few that contribute to the most success we want. But somehow, we avoid doing it because it looks tiring and cumbersome to do. So we skip it for the later part…

We go on with our days’ activities and possibly burn-out but when we evaluate our success rate, we realized we aren’t close to where we expected. This is because we skipped the very one thing.

It is just like writing an exam. Each question has different mark allocated to it. Some (usually marked as important) may contain over 50% of the overall scores.

You see, some students, perhaps due to lack of reading instructions, may spend their most time solving those little questions…

While some other students, will spend their most time on the most important questions will cool marks… 

Now, let’s say they, both parties couldn’t finish their exam on time.

When the result comes out, you’d more often see the students who focused on the major questions get the most marks even though they both spent equal time… both had time constraint…. both didn’t finish on time.

You see, the time it takes to finish something serious is the same time it takes to finish something less serious.

Before you sleep tonight, plan your day and ask yourself this simple question:

If I were to do just one thing tomorrow that would contribute to my most success, what will that be?

Answer that truthfully and then give it your best shot. I know. I know, your major task are often the most complex… 

Now, don’t be like 80% of humans, be a villian. Do that seemingly complex task first and don’t stop until you’re done.

Do it.


Ortega Ogomigo.