Do You Also Kill Your Morning Like Them?

I would be honest with you.
I did. I killed my morning like them for many years. And I kept wondering why my day kept having a rough unproductive ride.

If you are frustrated about how your days roll by without you accounting for it, then you should pay attention to every thing I’d share here because applying the secrets will help you in having the most productive day you ever dreamed of.

Listen: productivity starts from how well you treat your morning. Sadly, a lot of people don’t know about this.

They wake up each day with an instant action to go on social media – Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram…

Then they jump to their email…

To TV…. To newspaper… 

Then back to social media to check for the recent reaction on their slaying pictures… 

And then, they jump on their days’ work (with one eye on social media). 

At the end of the month, they wonder why they haven’t smashed their goals.

The reason is simple: someone is running their day for them. 

The moment they jump on social media in the morning, they give someone the opportunity to set their mood for them for that day. 

They don’t know. But every time they start their day like that, they are placed with a subconscious nudge to take an action – either to comments, like, share, watch, click, insult…. or do something more that will take more of their time. And that’s why, you’d see them jumping from one story or status to another subconsciously. 

You see,  even Jesus Christ separated himself from the crowd, his disciples… to protect his morning. Distractions can be avoided when the foundation is set (from the morning preparation).

Here’s how millionaires and billionaires plan their day. In their book – Miracle Morning Millionaires – Hal Elrod and David Osborn gave a simple mnemonics to help you start planning your day very well. They call it…. S.A.V.E.R.S
*Silence: This could also mean meditation, prayer reflection, deep breathing, gratitude.

To your selfish protection of your morning,


Ortega Ogomigo