Be Your Trigger

His heart started beating faster…

His face suddenly became flushed. His arteries are dilating… And his hands shaking…

He knew it was time. He quickly took excuse from his workplace and quickly ran to a cool spot, where he believed nobody should be there.

He finally got there, brought the pack of Rothmans Cigarette, pulled a stick, light it… And started smoking.

“Phew!” What relief.

His body system became calmer. He brought his a peppermint sweet in his pocket to prevent his mouth from telling those smell.

If you’ve ever been addicted to cigarette or seen an addict, then you could probably relate to that scene.

You see, Joe took excuse from his work because he just saw a TV commercial with a star smoking.

That trigger was enough to make him needy and send his brain crying to be fed.

And that was it. He has been addicted for over 15 years… and whenever he gets such trigger, he knows exactly what to do….

Anyways, let’s leave Joe’s story for now and talk about you.

You see, like Joe, triggers are important for responses and actions. They are known for also disrupting plans or schedules.

Remember skipping an event you planned with someone because you saw something or heard someone said something that reminded you that you’d be meeting with John by that exact same time.

Oh, if not for that trigger, you had totally forgotten.

There’s something interesting about triggers. Triggers help us recall something fast. Triggers make past and probably dead memories alive.

If triggers can do this, how about learning how to stimulate our own triggers?

Great question. We can. Especially when it comes to achieving our goals, triggers are good. They remind us and set us on course. They quickly send that emotional feeling through our spine and correct our heads.

Note this: triggers are bound in two basic emotions.
Fear or Pleasure.

Fear of losing something or missing something…
Or fear in itself.

Pleasure of gaining something. Say, admiration, comfort, freedom…

Now, connecting your triggers to either of this will help you smash your goals faster. This is why it is very important to make your goals appealing to your 5 senses.

Sense of sight. Sense of hearing. Sense of touch. Sense of smell. Sense of taste.

The more you could perceive it, the more close you could feel the results as real.

One simple reasons why a lot of people don’t achieve that goals is that their triggers are not colourful or appealing to the 5 senses.

They set new year resolutions and they break it.

They set alarm and keep hitting the snooze button.

You see, if only they could have their goals (the one that appeals to the 5 senses) created… made into pictures…. And placed where they could easily see it, they would probably have made more improvements. 

The emotionally-speaking pictures could be placed on the bathroom mirror, the wardrobe, their phone wallpaper, their PC…
Whatever place that get their most eyeballs.

Instead of waiting for something to be your trigger, be yours. Be intentional about it. Try it amigo.


Ortega Ogomigo

P.S: Oh, don’t tell me you would like me to give you bullet point on this. Okay. Okay. Here you go:

  • List up to 20 WHY’s why you’d need to smash your goals.
  • Have the 5 or 10 most important ones in coloured form. Have your fears or goals in coloured form and paste them where you can possibly see them almost every time.
    Let’s say, it is social media addiction, you can have a trigger on someone crying that he has wasted his time and couldn’t do X much because he was lost in conversing with friends.
    You can always have a picture of a serious, go-getting dude that says NO to unnecessary things and shoot to his goal like a villain.
  • Take a deep breathe: When you feel the strong urge to do something bad, take a deep breathe and focus on your breathing for like a minute or so…
    It works. Try it out. It will help you suppress the feeling.
  • Listen to motivational tapes: Yeah, negative triggers can be crazy really… This is why you need to have some motivation or speeches or words to help you silent it. This could be meditation from a preacher or those speakers.
  • Affirm: Affirming about something long enough will help drive you brain to doing the right thing.

Anytime you find yourself almost falling prey for some negative triggers, do the above. And it will subside. I do this whenever I want to lead the wrong trail.
And it helps… Almost every time.