Bloodsucking Assholes

They are smart.

They come to you as righteous and innocent-looking folks who do no wrong. They are quick to getting you as their friends because of their skills. They have fans who sing their praises…

And they have somewhat got some followings online and offline. Some folks like them because of how extroverted they are.
But don’t be deceived. They are assholes no matter what pictures they try to create.

How did I know this?
I once had a friend. Friendly, cool, calm, attractive from a distance. You may be tempted to make him your friend because he had the physique and distant features look like what a buddy could look like.

So I let off my guards and decided to let him be a friend. I made a mistake and I still feel sorry for ever letting that happen to me. 

I joined the same organization he was into. We were running projects together and that was when I knew who he really was.

He comes late for meeting, wastes our time…

He is adamant to following anybody’s advice. He stick to his own ways and tactic…. (Not bad, you say).

He is fond of turning down ideas and he talks one down at one’s back.

“Oh, Ortega. You’re just paranoid” you may say.
Hold on. I will tell you how I knew. A closer friend once told me how this guy was defaming me for no good reasons… maybe some act of jealousy or whatever.

The moment I heard that, I started connecting the dots. I started observing him closely…

And yes, he did that. You dare not share your dreams with him. He would tell you crazy reasons – possibly 100 – while the dream, idea, goal won’t be achieved…. and how it is not possible to be done.

Yup. You need those people for energy, right?
I don’t think so. I think you need folks who could support you. Who could pat your back and sincerely tell you “you tried.”

You need folks who could help muster your energy to help you smash your dreams.
Now note. This doesn’t mean folks like that (haters) won’t come by. In fact, the more you make progress, the more they would try getting your attention.

But don’t. I repeat… Don’t…
Don’t listen to them. Keep moving. Keep making changes. Keep becoming better. Let your results shock them.

You hear that. Now, plug in your earplugs and go get those shit together.

Talk later,

Ortega Ogomigo