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How To Live Your Dreams And Create The Wealth You Deserve


Feel free to navigate your way through with any of those filters. 

Wait a minute… 

Don’t you think entrepreneurship should be more fun?

 Where you wake up with more energy, go to your business, create a system that brings in recurring sales, take your family and staff on vacation, stay somewhere in the beach without being afraid of not making sales, discuss with other friends and partners, plan to buy or build another business, stay happy and very well fulfilled to do whatever you want at anytime…

You said yes? Great. But why don’t we see it as often?

Several reasons, you know…


Deep down within each of us, we all want to live our dreams and create wealth in the most sustainable way possible.  


Perhaps, that’s why we are always worried when sales don’t troop in as expected, when our business is about to be kicked by a competitor, when we lose our business mojo, when we don’t understand how our expenses is eating into the company’s capital…

And then…

We blow it up, thinking we are justified.

“Why is it not working for me?”

“Maybe entrepreneurship is not for me”

“This business is taking my time and strength and it is even worse than my salaried job” 

Yeah. I understand those pains because I have been through all of it…

The highs and lows of entrepreneurship. The sales today, no sales tomorrow. 

The frustration of being a client away from being broke. Yeah, I know how that feels.

But after taking the raw advice of Tony Robbins when I first heard it, it has been a different ball-game entirely. 

You know what he said? 


“If You Do The Things Others Who Have Been Successful Are Doing, You’d Get The Results They Got”

I don’t know if he owns the quote or not, but those words sure got me to the deepest level.

I started thinking what I was doing wrong… where I could improve on… what others were doing that is driving them the results I wanted…

Then, I Modelled After Them


And ever since, it had been on another level…

I literally sack a lot of clients and choose the ones I want to work with….

I don’t get disturbed by the tides of business growth; I get excited because I have got the secrets. 

Whenever such business tide happens, I remember those few words and see where the real deal is happening then model after it. 

You see, I won’t be wrong if I call big success in entrepreneurship a skill of successful modeling and innovation.


This singular advice has help me train over 5000 entrepreneurs from over 47 countries, and generate hundreds of millions for clients in sales revenue.

But wait a second! 

I know you’ve probably heard about those words and even acted it out, but it seemed not to get you the results you wanted. 

I understand. Many so called “gurus” won’t be showing you many of their behind-the-scenes secrets. Plus, it would be difficult to get a full glimpse from just stalking them.

So what chances have an average entrepreneur got to really understand the many underground secrets used by these top entrepreneurs to boost their business?

Well, maybe there could book a live consultation or coaching. But it could be darn expensive and that it may break their bank accounts.

Maybe many of them will buy their courses to at least steal a glimpse ethically. Not bad, still it could be on a high end. 

Now, this is not to say those courses and consultation won’t help you. Of course they won’t leave you the same. 

In fact, I highly recommend it. But mid-last year, a thought kept seeking my attention…

What could I do? There are millions of passionate entrepreneurs bursting into the market each year ready to solve world’s problem. 
But somehow…
80% of them fail to reach that goal within the first year to first 5 years. 

“This is not just a statistics. These are real people with families, children, responsibilities, bills to take care of…” I thought

Since then, believe it or not, I had been scribbling some ideas and strategies to get those top 20% entrepreneurs (The Ace Entrepreneurs) show their bare-secrets without hiding anything on how they built their businesses and lived the lives of their dreams to the interested 80%.

I had a long list of ideas and strategies… 

So I decided I was going to list the 5 big things that will make an entrepreneur journey with fun of fulfilling purpose and becoming financially stress free. 

-One, knowing their purpose
-Two, knowing how to harness their potentials well enough
-Three, knowing about winning sales secrets
-Four, knowing about marketing secrets 
-Five, knowing more about their personal finances.

And I kept looking at these BIG 5’s. Indeed, they are very important in any entrepreneurship journey.

Then, a thought filtered into my head…


What if I get several top experts share their many secrets (beyond what they have ever openly released) to help you?

What if I expose several of these secrets in the BIG 5’s for you without breaking your account?

What if I make you learn how to make the most out of your entrepreneurship journey?

I kept thinking…

Should I package the interviews with these experts and sell as courses to you at $1000?

But then, I realized it will be the very few people who would be able to afford it, while the remaining struggling entrepreneurs may join the failing 80% businesses.

“The purpose is not yet met.” I thought.

Then, I thought of giving you access to hundreds of these business secrets, interviews, letters…. at a steal, without breaking your bank account.

– Getting top experts share their unadvertised secrets and let you access it for almost nothing….

– Following you up until you smash your goals….

– Giving you access to cheatsheets and templates you could just copy and paste and see the magic happens…

And lot more…

That was what birth The Ace Entrepreneur. 

We want to make you outstanding to live your dreams and create the wealth you deserve.

Now, it will be so sad to be on this club and do nothing about the secrets we’d expose to you…

We can show you HOW, follow up on you until you master the HOW, but we can’t force you to do it.

You see, I have no apologies saying this….

If you think this will be another website to read refreshing stories and business secrets, just unsubscribe right away. 


We don’t need folks like that here.

But if you’re ready to do the work, with our guide and support, then we wouldn’t mind going the extra mile for you…

On explaining many business secrets in the most relatable way possible…

On getting experts share their unadvertised secrets…

On providing you with tested and winning cheatsheets, checklists, and templates….

On getting them give you as high as a 30% discount of their most recommended offers….  

Now, this is something they hate doing because it pays them less, but we don’t mind persuading them…

And guess what? Some of them have agreed to do that.

So amigo, keep your fingers crossed. These secrets, letters, checklists, templates, podcasts…. will keep updating every week.

This means you can never dry out of evergreen and current solution. 

Remember what I asked you the other time?

Do you? Great. 

Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be all stressful and tiring with little rewards.


To your ace performance with these secrets!


Ortega Ogomigo

Co-founder, The Ace Entrepreneur