The BEST Headline Format That Never Fails.


Whether you are writing for the mail or social media or the internet, if your headline suck you’d miss catching prospects attention.

Worse, you know this by now, if you don’t catch their attention, they wouldn’t know what you have got for them.

And if they don’t know what you have got for them, then, you don’t make sales.

That’s it.

Now imagine if several people don’t. That means you’d miss several clients and not make a single sale.

This is why you need to pay more attention to the headline.

Think of it like the entrance to the house.

You may picture a very nice building from a distance, but if you can’t see the entrance, there is obviously no way to which you’d be able to enter inside.

And if you don’t see the entrance there is no way you’d be able to see the nicer things in the house.

When people hear about writing headlines, their heart suddenly skip a beat. They become disturbed that since it is one of the most important part of a copy then it must be thoroughly written.

And then they try all sort.

There was one headline I saw that got me laughing.