This One Word Will Catch Your Attention Like It Did To Many People.

From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos Nigeria.


It was a cold Tuesday around 5:53pm, few minutes to an appointment Obi had with a friend.

The breeze kept smiling and dancing in the streets…

Looking forward to embracing tightly whoever walks on the street without a Cardigan.

Nobody dare tries it because she (the breeze) has vowed to never let any of his companion go without hugging him or her.

Somehow the boys were in the boysquarter gusting…

And then, one of them saw something on the wall that caught his attention..

He quickly signalled the rest of them…

Almost immediately, they rushed to the place to read the poster.

It contained one big word and a smaller body text.

You need to see how these boys raised their heads, stretching their legs and squeezing their bodies against one another to read what is there…..

Within minutes, hisses from their mouth started colourizing the environment…

It spelled disappointments.

Soon, they all went to sit…

Laughing at each other.

What did they see?

Why did they rush quickly to see what was written?

Why were they disappointed afterwards?

Want to know?

Okay. Let me tell you.

They saw just one big word.

Snake. Eagle. Xmas tree.

Heck! That’s not the word.

They saw the word SEX painted red.

And almost instantly, their minds flooded with thoughts and pictures.

That is a simple one word headline that has proven to get a lot people’s attention, even ladies.

That is not only the one word that catches people, there are several, but here are some:


You see…

Headlines shouldn’t be just written it could cause a reaction…

It should trigger a picture of relieve from pains or acceptance of pleasure…

When you wrritr anything, pause and look at it…

Then ask yourself, what emotion will this word trigger?

Curiosity? Fear? Jealousy? Disgust?

And then shoot.

That’s how it is done.

Now, it’s your turn to get those guys or girls up to their feel.



P.S: The reason why they were disappointed is because the text read something like this.

(Now that I have your attention, please read on)