From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: Be A Consultant And You’ll Sell More

“Present your case” The consultant told me that day when we were having a clinical exam.

“This is Abbey (not his real name), a 33 years old married man of 4 children who came to the hospital 3 weeks ago due to….” I continued.

She kept nodding her head. Then, suddenly she halted me. 

“What is his differential diagnosis?” 

I quivered. I seemed to have forgotten all of a sudden the differential diagnosis. I silently replayed his associated symptoms in my head to pull something out of my head…

“Yes ma. It is…….” I said. 

“How will you manage this patient?” She fired.

Oh boy. My voice was shaking at this point. Somehow I was able to scale through by saying some things. 

Whenever you’re not really prepared for clinical cases, don’t pray to be percussed by a mean or very serious medical consultant. You see, even house officers (junior medical doctors) almost pee on their pants whenever they are being questioned.

Consultants are experts with specialized. Irrespective of their field, Business, Health, Agriculture…. they all have an approach that makes them more money. 

It is a silent business of selling consultatively that many business owners, marketers, sales persons don’t know of.  Try visiting any good consultant and you’d see what I mean.

He doesn’t just jump upon seeing you and tells you about his services and pricing. No! Heck no! 

He makes you comfortable. Asks you series of questions to understand your business, medical condition, whatever.

After a while, he explains to you what he would be doing and the results and consequences. He keeps everything plain. Then, he asks you if you’d be interested in that? 

Hold on…

How many sales people have you seen act like this? Maybe less than 10%. They are mostly salesy, ready to get the money off your bank account to theirs. 

Listen. Be a consultant. Be professional. Act as though you don’t need their money. Explain the steps to them. Ask them questions. Make them secure. Make them feel they are making the decisions themselves. And…

You’ll sell more. Faster… And get more repeat business.