From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: The Shit Finally Happened

Nobody likes to be disappointed… Not even you. 

But sometimes disappointment get to happen. Not only to us, but to our clients and prospects. We promise then they could get x result from a product or service, but after getting them with all high-hopes, they get disappointed because it didn’t meet their expectations.

Disappointment is avoidable. But sometimes, they just happen.

I have disappointed my prospects too over the years. 

One, got my product and after 2 weeks of getting the product, I put a call across to her to find if she has started ripping off the benefits in the book. Then, what she said next sent blood to my eyeball. My pupils literally dilated.

” I thought the book will be relational. It can’t work in Nigeria” That was her response.

I instantly knew she was telling a lie because the same book is what made a Nigerian like her 1.5 million naira after writing his very first sales copy. And under 2weeks, he surpassed his company’s goal by 1000%.
That is the same secret that has boost my sales and many other folks and clients within Nigeria and others.

Well, I didn’t argue with her because I could read disappointment over her face. So I tried re-educating her…. And started spending time to make her see the relevance of the secrets in the book. Plus, I started sending her daily and weekly business secrets to win back her trust and make her get the results she desired.

That’s just one case. Sometimes, when disappointment happen, I go the extra mile to make up with my clients…

I could decide to give them the service or product for free. I could refund them their money. I could offer more support to them.

You see, you may not be able to completely avoid disappointing your clients. The goal is to have an improved support system when such shit happens.

Whenever Jeff Bezos get a complaint from a client, he gets his workers to think through it until they get a solution to win back the customer’s trust.

So when it finally happens, don’t beat yourself to it, or switch off your phone or avoid reading the message from your client.  

Know  what happened. Apologize for the disappointment. Find a way to win back their heart.