Give The Children Sweets And Their Parents Will Buy From You
I am not ashamed to say to it…
I will tell irrespective of what you think of me or not.
I like watching cartoons!
Some people think when you grow old you can come off watching those lovely Nickelodeon cartoons.
Well, not me, for now. Maybe when I have had my kids. Maybe.
So that day I was watching my favourite Nickelodeon cartoon. Yeah. You got it. It was Spongebob!
Common. Those guys are amazing. I love their crazy voice actors. They are pretty good.
That day, while watching Spongebob, the money-obsessed Mr Krab was disturbed. The Kristy krab was scanty. When shit like this happens, Mr Krab is always disturbed. Well, not the grumpy Squidward. That guy works because of money. He hates every bit of it especially working with the friendly Sponge.
While Mr Krab was disturbed he heard Squidward smiling behind the counter. What could he be watching? He thought.
Then he saw the ad of a restaurant down town where all his customers were.
He quickly called Spongebob to shy out his competitors to see what he is using to attract his customers.
Spongebob got there. And… Yes, it wasn’t the food. It wasn’t the setting of the restaurant…
When he was about going, he saw a giant chicken balloon with many kids playing there, while their parents were in buying things.
Yes. That distracted Spongebob too. He didn’t want to go. He started jumping and climbing the balloon with the many children.
It was fun, but it hinted Mr Krab of the skill of reverse-engineering the whole process. I want you to pay attention here.
Who needs this product or services that I am offering?
Who is the key decision maker?
Who is an influence to the key decision?
Who, if won, will convince the decision maker?
And Mr Krab sure saw the obvious – the children were the major influence. And he started planning his statue.
You see, I want you to think about your prospects and the person who could play a role in their decision.
It could be their wife or children. After getting them, first appeal to the influencing point, then you’ll pull your prospects.
That is how to get the parents by giving the children sweet.
You got the point?

Talk later!


P.S: After work, crack yourself up a bit by watching any of those spongebob episodes. They will blow you into laughter especially when the brainless Patrick is there.