Don’t Think. Just Act It
Every time I get the resounding applause from crowd and get many people piling up to get my contact or take pictures or appreciate me…
I do remember I got that because I stopped thinking. I just went acting. Today, a whole lot of people are bothered about what to say or how to communicate, when all they can do is to act it out.
I got the opportunity to take the place of a key-note speaker when I was 18 years old. I had never met the key note speaker before. In fact, we had never discussed. But every now and then on a platform I educate people on things about capacity and growing their minds…
And soon, the platform – Salimo Wits Initiative – was organizing a training for youth on capacity building and entrepreneurship. I was eagerly waiting for it because I was a trainibg-addict. I almost always attend every training.
But it was about 7days to the event when one of my mentors sent me a DM leaking the news, that I would be among the key note speakers. That I would be taking the place of that man.
Well, according to my mentor, Mr Emmanuel Owoyemi enjoyed every bit of my weekly training on that platform and he needed to get me to communicate to the youth. He felt, I would do that better.
Fine, I have had a number of speech engagements last year as I had been building myself. But heck! I haven’t really spoken to several youth and some highly esteemed older people.
I almost froze, but then I remember what my first mentor – Mr ABC Obiukwu told me when I first got started in public speaking that I should see them as though they owe my money. And the D-day came, boy I killed it!
My fluency was on point. I was talking as though I got pumped with adrenaline. I took the youth along and blew their mind. Even the fellow Key note speaker couldn’t agree less. He kept referencing my points.
You see, I acted like the expert of over 15 years experience. I was talking confidently without being shy. And that’s what happened when you act it out.
If you want to be confident, act confident. Stand tall, raise your chin a bit, and dont clamp your legs.
Act it buddy!

Talk later.