From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: Don’t Give A FREE Service Until You Know This

“It’s for free. You’re paying no dime. Just drop your email address and you’ll get this gift.”

“Does that sound familiar? Isn’t this exactly what top internet marketers do to get results, so how come am I not getting results?”

“None of my prospects want to buy from me. They are all broke. Why is it so?”

You see pal, the problem is not because freemium offers don’t attract. The problem is that you attracted the wrong persons. Remember a magnet can attract a nail and several particles when put in dirt.

Free stuff attracts people. People like to receive free consultation, free advice, free report, free books, free webiner, free tips, free anything… whether they need it or not. And sadly, you could attract the wrong people if you don’t know this…

One, you don’t know how your right audience.

Two, you don’t how to sieve out suspects by raising the standard. 

Three, you are not selling on your thank you page.

Four, you don’t have an automated email sequence that warms up your prospects and sell them something later. (Get started with email marketing platforms like mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact…)

Now you know, so start doing them.

You could use words like the following to filter off suspects.

This business can be started a minimum #50,000 and this training will show you how to ensure you make x amount the right way.

This webiner is strictly for those who earn a minimum of #250,000 as monthly revenue.

I have got a special report for people in x niche.

For single mothers who earn a minimum of 50, 000 naira monthly and interested in learning how I made a minimum of #600,000 o’er month and how they could do it, this webiner will show you how.

Do this and you’ll remove the chaffs from the wheat…

And if you’re offering a free 30 minutes consultations, ensure you have a mini-survey that will exit suspects and fish out ideal prospects..

Now go do these 4 things and make the most out of your freebies.

Know your prospects

Have a sieving strategy to push out suspects. 

Sell a low-ticket product on your thank you page

Have a follow-up email pumped.

Best regards,