From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: Her Back Will Drive You Crazy!


Don’t worry church boy, this wouldn’t be erotic.

But wait a minute,

Have you ever got attracted by a pretty lady before? Her long curly hairs with attractive figures (what some persons will like to describe as figure 8).

If you’re single, then you may set your face gazing at this curvy beautiful lady. In your mind, you feel she could come by to where you’re sitting to say “Hello”. And perhaps wish you could have her contact. 

Then, you were awakening to reality that she is going to sit close to you or give you her number. She is about walking past you… 

Your eyes quickly followed as though dragged by some spiritual forces. And boy! You couldn’t resist her backside. It has got the fuller package…


Okay wake up pal. Stop imagining that pretty lady. There’s something important I want to tell you in today’s letter. Well, a little will be about that Lady, but it is strictly about BUSINESS.

Let’s talk about ATTRACTION a bit, especially those from ladies. Look at any pretty lady that have once attracted you, you’d notice you were attracted because of…

Her voice. Her hair. Her manner of comport. Her shape. Her gait. Her face. Her clothes (or style of dressing). 

A lady knows about this, so she ensures she has got her attractor factors in place. She spends more time with her hair, with making up, with choosing the best clothes for x events…. 

Some walk seductively to get your eyeballs. You see, the goal is to get your attention. And to do that, they have got to act in a way that will interests you or will lure you to getting x feelings. The more they get your attention, the more likely they can get whatever from you.

And this is business. As a business owner, you need to spend time on your “attractors”. These are the eye-ball getters. It must interests your prospects. It must be something that they will trigger an emotion in them – Greed, Fear, Shame, Love, Pleasure, Jealousy, Pride…. 

Remember that people are currently moving towards Pleasures or moving away from Pain. Connect your attractors to this. This could be…

Free report, Free trial, Webiner, Free Demo, Mini-course….

These are your front end offers. The longer it gets more eyeballs, the easier it is for you to convince your prospects to say YES to your offer.

At this point, you’ve attracted them with your front end offers. You make some money here, but not compared to what you could have made in the back-end. 

Just like the back-side of a lady will get more eyeballs, you’d make more money in the back-end. In the back-end, you take them through a value ladder, where you have a higher package that promised a better value than the previous one.

Imagine you go to a dentist today who carries out a free dental checkup (attractor). You went in for a check-up, then he observed several cavities in your teeth and why you need to clean your teeth. 

He charges you $100 for that. And tells you to come back every six months. While cleaning your teeth, he discovered one of your tooth has gone deep into the gum and would require extraction. 

He schedules an appointment with you on that and charges you $300. It goes on like that. 

And if he charges your teeth not properly align, he could recommend you use braces or invisalign to correct that. Then he charges you $1500.

You see, there is no limit to what you can have in your back-end. Always think WHAT NEXT? 

After your clients have bought x product from you, what other thing will they be interested in? 

Coaching? Mentorship? Another product? Course?

When you buy a product from me, I quickly up-sell you or down-sell you another thing. Then, I introduce to you my membership site where I’d help you meet x goals faster, plus get recurring stream from you. 

It doesn’t end there, I introduce you other products or programmes along the way. Listen to me pal, if all you have got is one product, you’re cutting yourself short. Ideally, every year, you could come up with at least 1 new offer (product or service).

Walk on your back side pal, you’ll attract more money.

Make your back end really attractive, seductive and tempting and he (your prospects) will beg to sleep with you for the night (give you more money.)

Best regards,