From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: What To Do If There Is No Sales In Your First 100 Days Of Business

No sales in the first 100 days of business seems extreme, but it’s not. There are many businesses out there struggling to get a client successfully... They could have fine structures, names and branding concept, but money don’t just seem to walk in…

I don’t know, but somehow the thought just slipped in, I decided I am going to show you exactly what I will do in the most precise way possible if I couldn’t generate a sale in 30 days, 60 days and 100days. 

 This will help you even if you have a staggering number of sales within your first 100 days or really good sales or even if you’re about launching your product or services.

*I would go to my draw and check if I have got a real perception of who my idea customers are. Where they are located. Their flairs and fears.

*I would identify my mistakes and why my prospects aren’t buying from me. I will check for many cracks and observe what my competitors are doing that is driving their results. Then, I would model them.

*I would find out who is currently congregating my dream prospects and find a way to strike a joint venture with them or affiliate. I would also see if I could get them advertise my products to their sphere of influence. Get their recommendations or reviews. (Focus on the leader and you’ll attract her followers)

*I would improve on my H.S.O (Hook Story and Offer) strategy.

*I would improve on my guarantee to make my prospects more secure and safe.

*I could offer to give my prospect a taste of what they would have… Maybe a free consultation or free call… Whatever. Something that could lure them.

Then, I sill repeat the steps again until I meet my sales target.

Try this amigo before any launch and even now. 

See you.