From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: I Hate Motivational Speakers!

It was 2:15pm, I had just taken lunch when my friend’s caught my attetion with his laughter. He had been moving his right thumb on his phone’s screen up. I guessed it must have been what he read that burst him into laughter.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Can you see? This is why I hate motivational speakers” He said.

“Could you imagine this guy claimed he started his restaurant with just a satchet tomato. Now, the most interesting thing is that he was beaten by his audience. He deserved more than that beating. I know what I would have done if I were there…” He boasted.

“Hmmm….” I thought.

That was extreme, you bet.

 How could you tell that lie for the sake of motivating people. The next week…

I saw another post saying…

“Motivational speakers are the biggest scam. They deceived us that we need to follow our passion. See, follow where money is, then passion will follow”

I almost laughed, but then I thought about it again. Maybe the problem isn’t about the passion not paying; the problem is that the public doesn’t know how to monetize their passion and locate those who need their passion results as solution.

And in my opinion, Passion counts in almost everything. Thorough understanding of your passion, the ins and outs, the monetization, the strategies will pull money, the discipline to grow it to an appreciable point; you will rake more money faster than the guy working with no passion, but driven by money. And guess what? It won’t look like work to you because it is your hobby.

Ask any really successful person, they would tell you that don’t consider their work as work. In fact, it is what they really enjoy. Imagine this…

I want to dress humans in the most fashionable way possible, but I don’t know where to meet them, how to make money from that desire (passion), I would probably struggle with this passion of mine… And eventually claim that passion doesn’t pay. It does when you understand the core of your passion. I am not just talking about your craft now, but making money from your craft. 

It gets easier. Let’s say, Aliko Dangote’s passion is probably to see average Nigerians build their homes. Note, he doesn’t know how to mix cement together, but he sure  knows how to get those who could to make his passion real and “moneyable” (Don’t worry, there is no word like that. I coined it :-). Ha ha!). 

In order words, if you have a passion towards something and you don’t know how to monetize, hire or form a joint venture with those skilled at bringing in money on your passion.

That’s by the way. I feel motivational speakers are not bad after all. They help get people on their feet and smash their goals. They help get adrenaline pumping in their heads.

And yes, I also know that you’d say that after listening to those adrenaline pumping speeches, you get high, and after a while return to your old habit.

Listen, how often should you bathe to look good? Smell nice?

One in 365days? Of course not. 

You bathe at least once per day. If you do this every day, why do you think a single dose of motivation will be enough. Yeah. You got that. I recommend listening to empowering speeches to start your day with energy. You need it. 

And soon, you won’t be needing the daily motivational speakers to stir you up. Your brain and mind would have been stirred up and will get you on your feet almost every time you feel like you’re going to give up.

Try it pal and give me feedback at

Talk later.