From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: This 8 Word Can Make You Richer


Not only will this 8 word make you richer. It will make you happier, live longer and focus on the most important things of your life.

At some point in my sophomore years on campus, I was joggling about 10 different tasks… As an executive for different organizations and fellowship, employee in a company, cofounder of two startups, and academics.

It was darn tough being a medical student and joggling all this. Somehow I knew I could do it so I wasn’t really bothered. I kept fulfilling my responsibilities across different organizations.

But it wasn’t for long, my grades started suffering and I started losing interest in medicine. I could skip class for an event. And while in class, I could be performing another task.

This wasn’t sustainable because the end results wouldn’t be nice. One could be kicked out of medical school if failure persist in professional examination. And interestingly, my first professional exam was about 3 months away.

I didn’t want to fail or be kicked out of medical school. Plus, I didn’t want to live my entrepreneurship flair either. I started thinking about what to do. And then somehow, I really can’t tell, I stumbled on this 8 word.

I looked up the word on the internet and I suddenly felt an upsurge of energy. I went to my draw table, calculated what to do and the time I have got available to spare.

Soon enough, I realized a lot of my friends, the credit and distinction folks have got a good chunk of time for their academics. Some are in no organization and have zero engagement in extracurricular activities.
And that was when I started thinking smart. 

“Yes… This 8 word will help me…”


I began changing my strategy from spending 2-4 hours on a topic to scheduling a tutorial with a colleague on things I couldn’t comprehend within an hour. 

Believe it or not, a  number of them have probably spent 4-5 hours checking 5 textbooks to perfectly understand the topic and I couldn’t afford that time. But with my recent LEVERAGE strategy, I was able to achieve similar results as though I had spent 4-5 hours studying

Soon, my grades started improving. I gained confidence in no time. And that’s what helped me pass my first professional exam without failing it.

Leverage is the simple word that differentiate the rich from the poor. The rich has more than 24hours in a day because he taps into his employees time. He has people thinking for him. He has someone making research for him. He has someone writing a business plan for him, while he focused on his core.

You can’t do everything. Plus, you don’t have more than 24 hours per day. But you could work smart by ethically tapping into some person’s 24 hours. By the way, Leverage is doing more with less.

Leverage can simply be thought of as Other People’s….

Other people’s time.
Other people’s money
Other people’s resources
Other people’s reputation
Other people’s system
Other people’s network.
Other people’s assets.
Other people’s advice.
Other people’s list….

The list is endless. Leverage saves you more time and resources. Think about the next thing that you can get ethically by leveraging on people’s….

It could be leveraging on your customers contact and sphere of influence.

I believe you got something. Now go to your draw board and fish out what you could leverage on. This could be tools to help you save more money, keep track of your goals, remind you on an appointment…

Do it… NOW with leverage.