From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

SUBJECT: Slang Them To Build Connection


“Here he comes. We would hike our prices so we would make more money”

It was like a regular busy day in the market. You could almost draw a pattern from the endless movement of people in and out of the market. Traders went on with their day’s business, while prospects and customers call their friends (traders’ shop) to get something. 

It is very easy to be called a friend by traders in Agege, Lagos. They know the psychology of your buying more from them repeatedly the minute you feel like a friend. 

That day in the market, many traders wish to get this prospect walking with the intention of buying something. They knew anybody that got him will be make pretty much money because this prospect seemed like a novice.

Yeah. He wore a white shirt in a long black pant. He’s white. He finally got to a store and was about making purchase, when he heard the trader’s price….

And suddenly, the unexpected happen.

The white guy started using slangs common to the Nigerian environment and folks around. 

“Phew.” The traders sighed. “This guy understands what runs here oo” 

The white guy, instead of paying higher, got better deal for his money .

I was so interested in his secret so I asked him how we got the best deal. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled. I instantly got his point. 

He had been informed about the habit of many traders over there and the easiest way to build connection and get the most out is to talk like them. Use slangs they know.

You see, in every society, community, country, clan, there is always some words that are popular among them.

Without even saying the country, if I use the F word over time and use some other words like…


“Mother fucker”

“Fuck you!”

You’d quickly spot that I must have either been watching a lot of American movies or stayed in America or I am an American.

Slangs have got their identity in the market place. There are quicker tools to build rapport. In fact, one simple way to be thought of as a clan is your right use of slangs. People like those who are like them. Before going to meet your prospects or have a meeting with some other experts in your niche, learn about the words common to them. And use it in your conversation.

You won’t be a foreigner with this.

Try it and watch the difference.

Best regards,