From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria.
SUBJECT: Swim With The Flow And You’ll Make Sales

One simple way to expend your energy and make little to no progress when swimming is to swim upstream.

It gets all difficult. The wave is going against you. It could be tough trying to catch up. A tutor of mine told me some years back something I still have in my heart to be true.

He said, the reason why the Eagle soar really high is because she takes advantage of the direction of the wind. That’s completely true. That simple fact contains a lot of business lessons today. Knowing the direction of flow in business will save you a lot and rake in cool sales for you. But, just a few people know about it.

You see, if you check any business niche today, you’ll discover a large chunk of people experimenting their business processes. Not bad though, but many waste all the time, money, energy and resources they could have leveraged on.

The smart in business and in life don’t struggle with creating a new flow. They plug into what is also moving and driving results. 

Brian Tracy had moved from one level of failure to another, one job to another and from one role to another. Finally, he got to sales. He realized he wasn’t getting so much as expected. So, he decided to reach out to the top earning sales professional in his organization. He asked for the flow. He asked for the little secrets that is driving the result of the sales professional. He told him. He applied the secrets… and in no time, he was pulling similar results. 

.. The same as Russell Brunson. At some point, he thought he was probably spending more on ads than any other person to push his product. Plus, he was getting really amazing results as well.  Once, he was on a phone with Dean Granziosi. He was about bragging about his results again, when he heard about Dean’s result. He was stunned. 

“What is he doing differently from us”

He quickly text his ad team to find out what they were doing wrongly and what Dean and his team was putting in right. 

After much trial, they couldn’t really fetch what Dean was doing differently, so he decided to schedule a live meeting with Dean. 

Dean told him the secrets. He applied it and started reaping similar results. 

Listen, when you’re interested in getting some amazing sales results your aspirational crowd (Dream 100) has got… 

You need to reverse engineer the process. Observe what they are doing. Observe that contents. Their sales pages. How they deal with clients. How they promote. What they do. What they have on their landing page, opt in page, funnel…

And model after it. Within x time, you will reap the same results. 

Forget about being a creative marketer. Great businesses owners are great are modelling successful template and then add a few tweak to stand out.

Look at Zoom and Room.

Uber and Taxify…

Okay and Gokada…


Follow the successful path that have been threaded and you’d to similar destination.

And yes, after a while, you can start testing your own path. Do this when you have gain grounds and have more money to spare.

I believe you get the point