From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: She Will Always Say No. Don’t Bother About Changing That

Yes, she will.

Don’t think she is a pessimist. She is not. That’s just her nature. Perhaps her experience and exposure framed her to be that. So instead of fighting her supposedly “negative” nature, make her say YES by appealing to the language of her nature.

Look at me…

It is a mere wish to desire that your prospects will just be moved by emotions. Common, they are not teenagers whose prefrontal cortex (part for reasoning) is still developing and their amygala (part for emotion and desire) is more developed.

Even though a large chunk of our decisions as humans is based on emotion, we always crosscheck with our logic brain. This makes it difficult for her to believe your claim such as…

“We offer high quality.”

“We are the best in the world.”

“We are the most trusted agency”

Fine, these words are big and cool. They could trigger some tinger-lingering feeling in your prospects. But then, those feelings are fired by their logic brain saying…

“Why trust him? He hasn’t showed you any proof”

“These are self-acclaimed. They are no back-ups”

“What is his proven record?”

“Was there an award to verify his claim?”

And then, she will start asking you questions. And if you don’t appeal to her logic brain this time, she won’t buy.

It is always best, like I have discovered, to put yourself in her shoes. And assume her role. What questions will you be interested in before you make any purchase. Those questions are called OBJECTION. I know when people hear of OBJECTION they instantly feel opposed and they wouldn’t be able to scale through.

They feel that word is their biggest obstacle in sales. Heck! It is not. You can’t beat it by avoiding it. You beat it by acknowledging it, appealing to it and answering her questions.

Tom Hopkins, a master sales trainer, said “always assume your prospects will say no”

Yeah, they will even before a yes. They are no “opponents”. They are just afraid of making mistakes like before.

Think before striking the call or trying to close them: what will they be interesting in before they say yes.

Proof? Testimonials? Reviews? Test? Trial?

Think about it and get her to say yes by appealing to both her logic and emotions.