From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria.
SUBJECT: Wear The Experts Cloak Under 30days

Don’t worry you won’t have to spend 30 years like most people claim to be an expert. Sure, it is not bad to have a rich experience of 30 years.

That would be really amazing you know. That would mean you know the ins and outs of your craft. And that’s would earn you more respect and prestige.

But over time, I have come to discover that a lot of people think they would have to spend some 6-7 years like medical student and extra years to be an expert in a field. Yes that’s true. But not necessarily. 

All experts have something in common. They have a higher knowledge of what they are talking about than their prospects. They have at least fairly more experience than their prospects. They can drive in the results their prospects seek.

In that case, this means if you have got a secret for passing GMAT exam once, having failed the exam 5 times, then to anybody interested in passing GMAT, you’re an expert. You don’t have to spend 15 years researching before you can help people get the results they want, remember? 

All you did is to drive your prospects the results they want. And soon enough, they will start calling you coach, mentor… but hey! You have barely got 2 years experience.  That’s what I mean by erasing all you have heard about spending 30 years to become an expert. 

Listen, if you know a little above the next man and you can help him with the results he is interested in, then to him, you’re an expert. Don’t beat yourself up that you’ve got no certificate or graduated from whatever business school. You don’t have to. Many of the experts we look up to today for solutions are drop-out. Why then do we call them experts and yearn for their thoughts? Simple. It’s because we know they could drive us the results we want. 

No two ways about it. The results is what make you an experts. Not about certification or years of experience.

Now go on your knees. I’d like to baptize you an expert to help you remember that you’re an expert if you can drive in results for x people.

The next thing is to make people perceive you as an experts even before meeting you. If you go on Facebook or whatever social media, you may discover some persons with “Dr.” to their names and with white ward coat and stethoscope. What comes to mind the moment you saw that.

Yeah. A medical doctor. You quickly perceive that he has got the knowledge and skills to help any ill person. Exactly. You get the point. 

There are 2 simple ways to make your prospects perceive you as an expert.

One is positioning. Change your profile picture across your social media accounts. Have a professional portrait. Change your bio to tell your prospects of what you do. Follow relevant persons in your niche. Follow your prospects. 

Second is Publishing. Many experts are publishers. Create contents relevant to your prospects. Focus on them. Give them tips and advice 

 Try this for 30 days. And soon enough, nobody will care about your experience. The good news is that you can do this even if you’re just starting now. 

And don’t forget this. 

When your brain tells you that you don’t have the certification and years experience to call yourself an expert, remember that I baptized you this day in the sight of all prospects.

Ha ha! 

Let’s talk later. I have got to rest for a while. I had a long day.