From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria.
SUBJECT: I Have No Pity Sacking Clients

When you reach a particular point of your career you treat your time very valuable. You become someone who enjoys saying No. You take a few clients. You enjoy your time with your family or on another flair or travel. 

You just want to live your dreams. In fact, you don’t care about the number of your clients. You become satisfied with the few you’ve got depending on your goal, say 5 constant and high paying clients.

I cherish that kind of lifestyle where you focus on the very few and help them achieve their desired goals without burning out. I hardly take any client on board. There is a tough selection process they would have to meet if they ever want ms in their project. 

You see, I can’t spend my time messing around with scum. I think you shouldn’t as well. Have a criteria your prospects must meet before hopping them in. I know this can be tough if you’re just starting out. 

When starting out, you can choose to take whatever comes your way to hit the ground strong. But after gaining good grounds, do filter your prospects. 

Yeah, some prospects can exhaust your energy and give you little in return. They are very disturbing. They are attention seekers, but no action takers. They need you to babysit them. Thru need you to explain the foundation to them over and again. They are bad listeners. I have met a number of them over the years. 

And guess what? 

To many with these characteristics, I sack them by refunding their money by to them, by referring them to my competition. Some prospects are not worth taking on board. They are potential bad clients. How will you know if they will end up becoming bad clients? 

You’ll, just watch for triggers… 

Triggers including… 

Complaining about the money spent.

Not listening to you

Blaming and talking bad of the previous service provider (business owner) they dealt with.

Not keeping to your time of schedule over and over. 

When you observe this, I suggest you terminate your dealings with them. You don’t need scums as your numbers. You need true people, with need and desire to get the .solution.

Talk later.