From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: Forget About Learning How To Sell Alone, Learn This As Well


Selling is good. I will almost every time tell you to learn sales skill before shooting your business. But over the years, I have come to discover that a lot of people miss a core aspect of selling that is very important.

They take on the word “sales skills” and the next thing you still them throw “Buy Now. Buy Here. Click Here To Buy Now. Buy! Buy!! Buy!!!” all over the internet or when talking to prospects. Believe it or not, sales is not about building new sales product or talking enthusiastically. 

Sales is about building relationship. Have you heard of KLT factor?

It means. people are more convinced by people they Know. Like and Trust. 

Wouldn’t you rather buy something from a friend you know, like and trust than some mystery strangers with heavy promises? Sometimes, you can make them Like you before they Know you. 

Let me make it simpler. People like people who know them, like them, who are like them…. You can make your prospects feel like like you by talking about things that interests them. Talk about their fears, and provide a solution to it. Talk about their pleasures and show them how to access it. You can do this with your freemium offers.

After a promise have been fulfilled, then trust is earned. Deliver on your promise. They will began knowing you.  

Now, it doesn’t end there. Keep showing up, by following up on them. They will began knowing you better and associate your brand to something they know, like and trust.

When you see them celebrating something, rejoice with them. Send them birthday wishes. Have a “beyond business” relationship. No, I am not talking about sexual relationship. 

Be human. Make them feel human. Know their names, call them once in a while to check up on them without selling anything. This is one of the secrets I used in getting more repeat businesses and referrals.

Life is beyond just getting the next sale or gig. Start building relationship.