From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: [FREELANCER] You May Eventually Work For FREE If You Don’t Do This

Many people still don’t get it especially freelancers.

And I have my heartfelt pity to many of them. They end up working for free a lot of times. Clients contact them for a work and then after giving spending x time working it out, they leave the power in the hands of the clients, who decides whether he likes it or not.

And if he says no and doesn’t want any correction, but he is just irritated, he won’t pay a dime. Your time’s gone. Your effort, gone.

I didn’t let that happen to me when starting out as a freelancer. In fact, I am not active on Fiverr or Upwork or any other freelance website you know of. Yet, I get high copywriting gigs than many of them there.

How did I do it?

Remember we spoke about Framing the other time. I started framing myself as an expert.
I de-congest unnecessary chats and tags from friends on my social media accounts. I unfollowed some people. Then, I started following my prospects.

What’s more? I started adding value to my prospects upfront, started talking about their needs and giving them some solutions for free.

And then, I was building trust. And within a short time, I got some of them asking for my services. And then, I charged a minimum of 60% upfront. 

If you’re a freelancer, it gets very easy today. Note this: you aren’t getting clients because you’re a freelancer, you get clients because you’re a solution provider. So, if that is who you’re, why not position yourself properly by…

Branding yourself professionally. Have a nice portrait. Delete unnecessary friends. Communicate value. Follow those who are congregating your prospects. Follow your prospects. Keep learning about them. Post relevant contents that will attract your prospects. 

There’s nothing better than getting a prospects meet you for service, instead of cold-texting or cold-calling. Positioning and publishing will help you drag your prospects to you. 

Sign up on Medium website to post articles for free to position you appropriately. Then, after a while, you could send a DM to your ideal prospects, talking about their needs and the solution you could give to them.

Try it. It works like crazy.

Stay brisk.