From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria.
SUBJECT: See What You Can Do If You’re A Consultant Whose Client Is Afraid Of Change



Some clients can be so frustrating. They don’t take actions on your advice. I hate dealing with them. That is why I have a tough client selection process in place. But what if you’re stuck with one now, what can you do?

Terminate your contract? Give them their money back? Or blame them for not taking actions?.You can refund their money, but that’s obviously not why I am writing you this letter today.

I think I really appreciate what an expert said a few years ago about how he was stuck with clients who wouldn’t take actions on advice and recommendations.

He was about giving up, but thought of a plan to help them by spending more time with them.

He started having private talk with them on the importance of smashing their goals. He would help them plan and show them proven ways to do it. He did this over and over, until the client was now ready to embrace change and take actions. Soon, the client started raking cool results. He got more referrals from this client and more repeat business.

Follow the exact principle the expert did, and you’d get the results. 

Spend more time with those clients (I know it can be time consuming, but if you’ve got the time to spare, give it a shot). 

Make them achieve their goals.