From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT; Make Her Your Wife And She Would Buy More

They are all slut!

No offense, but that’s the truth.

They are bunch of greedy people who jumps from one place to the other to make more money.

Yeah. They are. But they will never admit it. In fact, if you tell them to their face, they could fight with you. But, they can’t come off that characteristics: they like getting more for less. They are greedy.

Now, who are these mysterious slutty and greedy people?

They are US…. me and you

And we would never admit it.

Wait. Before you go, I know you don’t consider that adjective appropriate to you. I understand.

Let me tell you a little bit about humans….

For over 2 decades of my life I have not only seen, but I have learnt from several people in their 80’s that humans (not all) have a somewhat greedy and slutty nature. (Again those words, but not offense)

They keep hopping from one place to the other to get the best deal for their money. They have their eyeballs glued on bonuses, black-Friday offers, discounts… 

 And guess what?

The internet somewhat contributed to these slutty states. Today, your prospect can access several of your competition with a single hashtag. They get disturbed in their newsfeed on Facebook, on Youtube, on Google, on their phones applications…. by the many ads of your competitors.

And when your prospects see the crazy offer that gives them better deal for their money, they almost forget that they have made a commitment to buy from you. They quickly hop on your competitors’ offer.
And then, they see another. They hop. It continues like that.

This is why many businesses struggle with sales, and with retaining old customers. They assume that once their prospects buy from them, they would buy for life. Bloody mistake!

They wouldn’t, but there is a way out. Tie their legs down and make them your wife.

No… Common, pal. I am not talking about sexing your prospects or clients. No. I am talking about giving them better value like you would do as a good husband.

Like a good husband,

You come home with gift to her. You kiss her forehead and disclose your love to her daily. You plan your projects together. You tell her when you’ll be away from the country, when to return. You keep her updated on your every move.

Now, let’s take it to the business setting…

After a sale, don’t leave them alone to your competition, follow up on them to ensure they like your products.

Provide additional support to them (x hours customer service)

Communicate to her. Give her more value to ensure she gets the best from your products or services.

Ask her if she is getting value from your products.

Ask her if she would like to tell her friends about you.

Inform her that you’re working on creating a product or adding another service.

Get her advice on what she would like to be there in the products.

Update her regularly. 


And soon enough, when she sees those disturbing pop-up on her phone or laptop, she would say, “she is engaged or married” 

Do the .above and you’ll get a die-hard, committed fan as customer.

To your happy married life,


P.S: To females, substitute husband to wife and enact appropriately. Cheers!