From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: It’s All Easy If You Get The Head

I was thinking on how to sell my book… I had done ad, but I got little results. It was so frustrating to have a highly resourceful product, yet have only a few hands on it. I started thinking of what to do, then my mind flashed back to what I saw recently while on my way to Ibadan (a place in Nigeria). 

A young boy about 11 years was with a rod leading about 15 heavy weight cows. It is something you’d get to observe over time in the Fulani’s. I found this amazing considering the fact that the least weight cow is heavier than the boy. But all that didn’t mean, the young boy is the leader and he has got a rod.

Hmm…. “Because, he is their leader” I noted those words.

What if I could get leaders who are congregating the prospects I’d like to get? What if I could get them promote or endorse my products or services? That would make it simpler because I will be getting the loyalty of their followers as well. 

I set out to doing this. Russell Brunson calls these leaders the “Dream 100”. So I started listing their names and within time I got them promote my products; plus, I got their endorsements and it made it all easier. Sales became easier. I spoke on their platforms and won their followers’ trust.

That’s it buddy. Start with the Head, it gets easier from there. Wondering what to say to them to get them to endorse your products or services for free?

I have written all the strategies I used to get several top experts recommend my products or services for free and how you can do the same in my book – Real Experts Recommendation Secrets. There is an audio version of it as well. 

As an esteemed member you’d be getting it for discounts ranging from 10%-30% depending on your membership level. 

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