From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: Passionately Search For This If You Want To Make Stressfree Sales

People don’t just learn.

They get an idea and then they hurriedly rush to make a product of that idea. They spend their time on publicity, creating the product and planning out whatever marketing plan they know of.

And then, they launch and nothing…

Not a single sale is made. But hey.

This product is darn good, why isn’t someone buying it?

So he thinks of cutting down prices to attract buyers.

Well, he did attract a few buyers. But these folks couldn’t see value in the offer. In fact, they wanted to buy the product less than the discounted version. They haggled the price with him for long, then he decided to sell the product..

At least to make his capital back…. And sometimes, he gave out some for free. He wanted to get rid of the mess he started.

He tried his best… Gave many as free…. And when he was done… He tattooed his heart with this statement:

In his head, he is justified. He had a nice product… He did all he could to publicize, even less the price of his competitors yet he failed woefully.

He quickly resorts to going back to 9-5. No one ever told him entrepreneurship will be this tough.

Oh. Only if he knows that the core of all entrepreneurship ventures is not the mission or vision statement or product or services or brand. But…

It is the people who need the product. I like to call these set of people – The Hungry Crowd. 

When you go to Somali with some stomach infrastructure (food) to feed the homeless. Will they battle you with many questions to know if the food is from Buhari (president of Nigeria) or not.

They will almost leap in joy for such a solution you have given them. In no time, they will be looking for more after consuming it.

That’s where repeat business comes into play 🙂

You see, locating the hungry crowd is the first thing to do if you ever want to shoot your sales very first. Now, I like to think of this a little different. Truth is, your hungry crowd are less than 30% of your prospects. So the baseline is… Locate your ideal prospects. Those hungry now and those likely to get hungry.

When you locate your ideal prospects, it is easier to entice then with tasty food to make them hungry.

Start with this first before creating your products or services.

*Who am I serving this solution to?

*Where is this person located?

*What is the fear that this person wants to avoid to reach his desire?

*What is the pleasure this person will like to get when it get this solution?

*Where is this person spending his time? (Some groups, communities, associations, pages, websites, magazines, clubs….)

Start with this and think backwards…

To your Stressfree sales!