From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: Shut That Voice!

Don’t let that voice take you. It is smart. It has recording of your history. It tells you in clear details why you wouldn’t be successful because of your previous outcome…

It tells you that the recent success results you now see are for a few folks, and not you. It overloads you with different details. It tells you why you should give up already. It tells you why you should stop getting some mentorship programme or paying for some other courses or doing some other thing.

It tells you why it is no longer worth giving it another shot. It has all reasons: your track records, your present mistakes and your predicted future outcome. It tells you that you’re no good. That you are not improving, that you are some bunch of loser. It shows you the record your contemporaries just made, and why you couldn’t.

It is a very familiar voice that seeks recognition. It gives you a false sense of humility. It makes all your achievement are undeserving. It tells you to beat yourself up over little disappointments and failures. It shows you a chart of people who have already had major successes than you.

And sadly… you take heed to that voice. And you started sleeping too much. Hitting the snooze button ten times in your alarm clock. Walk slowly. Think slowly and you go into depression…

Listen amigo. That voice is strong, but you’re stronger. It could tell you why you aren’t good, but it would never tell you that YOU are the one in charge. It is an opportunist. It takes advantage of every little chance you give to it. Enough! Don’t give it any more chance.

Yeah, you make mistakes, you’re still making mistakes. Yeah, you haven’t smashed the goal, when your contemporaries have. Yeah, it looks like you’re getting little results. Yeah. I know. But listen to me. You’re moving! 

There is nothing like movement. You keep moving and moving and soon enough, like the flowing stream, you’d wash off that hard rock. You keep moving and moving and soon enough you, like Thomas Edison, you’d give Humanity electricity. You keep moving and moving and soon enough, you’d discover an acre of diamond. 

Don’t stop moving. Movement is progress. You’d get better. Every one once started with bunch of mistakes with no good hope for creating a beautiful future, until the day they continued moving. They continued progressing and wo-hoo! We started celebrating them. Shut that voice and tell it you’re working on something. It may not happen so fast, but it will sure happen.

Nothing will stop a man who believes he can. You can amigo. I know you can. Give it one more shot. Again… And again… Until you get it right.

You’re in charge. 

Shut that voice. 

(Drops mic)